I spent the day packing for camp.  Preparing for a week long adventure.  Songs around the open fire.  Swimming.  Giggles in the bunkhouse.  Home cooked meals.  Bug bites.  Friendship and fun.

I picked up bug spray… sun screen… travel shampoo…. a flashlight.  I labelled clothing that I know will not make its way back home.  I bought markers for signing pillowcases and magazines to share with new friends.

It’s an exciting day.  Me and the two younger ones are heading away for the weekend.  We’re going to Upper Clements Park to ride the flume, check out the wooden roller coaster and have a bit of “Mama and her kids” time.  We’ll be staying at a hotel over night, exploring Annapolis, swimming in the hotel pool.. and when I come back on Sunday… it will just be me and my boy.

My youngest is off to Equestrian camp for the week.  Riding twice a day… taking care of the beautiful beasts… sleeping in bunks… swimming… trail rides… camp fires… water fights… smores.  Amazingly enough, she’ll even be swimming with the horses!  She’ll be away for the first time without family… and as long as there are horses involved… she doesn’t seem concerned at all. 

I’ve made my list… checked it twice… I think she’s prepared.

I wish I was! 

Thank goodness I have the weekend to fill her in on a few things she needs to know… like how to make a long distance call… where to put her dirty clothes… how to stuff a sleeping bag back into its bag… why you wear flip flops in the shower… and the words to Kumbaya.

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