Thirty six hours…

And so we sang. Except it was Three Days Grace, Miley Cyrus and Hedley songs!  I tried to throw in a bit of Sarah McLachlan… but lost out to the kids.

Our small trip was wonderful… two days and an overnight with just me and the younger two… pools, fire pits, flume rides, bumper cars and several stops along the way.

The fact that the kids got along for two whole days was nothing short of a miracle… but last night was the best.  As lights were going out… and we’re giggling about the days adventures in too hard mattresses and a muggy hot room… I said my “good nights” and “I love you’s” to my sun screened, bug sprayed children.

All was quiet until out of the darkness my youngest says “I love you” to her big brother.  He responded with his “I love you” to her.

In the dark I smiled… knowing that this was one of the greatest moments of my life.

All is right with the world.

Good night my friends… until tomorrow.