Queen’s update IV…

Reaching eight thousand hits today seems like an appropriate time to write a “Queen’s Update”.

I’m ninty-eight posts in on a blog that I started in early April.  By the end of April I added the counter… and it’s been growing week by week.  Four months into this and I’m pretty thrilled with how things are going.  I’m no longer quite as addicted to the counter as I once was… but I find it fascinating to see where you come from, how many pages you read when you visit, how you stumble across me, how long you stay when you find me… and whether or not you come back!  Thankfully… many of you do!  Email me at canthony (at) ns (dot) sympatico (dot) ca if you have any suggestions for improvements.  I’d love to hear from you.  (And keep all of your wonderful comments coming… it’s what keeps me writing!)

With grade twelve Graduation and Prom… it was a busy end to the school year.  By the time summer arrived it was a welcome break.  I was thrilled to enjoy the amazing prom photos from Jennifer Partridge.  She captured a beautiful day and left us with some memories we can hold forever.  I recommend you check out her website and call her to book a session.  My best friend “Little-One” is an amazing photographer, but when she moved to Dubai I had to find someone locally who could pick up where she left off in capturing my family just the way I like… full of fun and love.  Jennifer has done an amazing job!
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I received a number of emails when I wrote about a friend who was killed in the Air India bombing.  Thank you.  Let us never forget that no matter what someone’s nationality… we are all people… and we all deserve to be treated with respect.
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The moths never came back.  But if they ever do again, I know not to call “The Situation”… he was useless with his laughter… but his tan is amazing!
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I’ve been asked never to write another Dr. Seus-like poem.  OK… it was my son who asked… but still… I promised to never rhyme about underwear again.

I will not write a silly poem.
You won’t turn red when you’re not home.
Don’t hide your head just like a turtle.
I’ll never again discuss my girdle.

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“My Boys” and I got together for a few laughs last week.  It was a fantastic time.  And since I didn’t mention it before I’ll say it now… the women in their lives are truly wonderful people.  I quite like each and every one of them… and luckily for me… they understand how much I adore the men they love.  And since I’m being nice… any chance the boys can come out with me Saturday night?
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I heard from The Chicken Burger, Far Fetched and Wilson’s… all seemed pleased that I had a few words to say about them.  I haven’t heard from Bellissimo but chances are they’re busy packing up all the furniture they’re sending me as a thank you for the fabulous things I said!  I find it astonishing that you folks are listening to me… visiting the places I tell you about.  I hope I don’t ever persuade you to do something you really don’t want to do… but you should know I’m considering a tattoo!!!
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And finally… about that elusive man I’m hunting down… I’m really not hunting too hard!  I’ve heard from two friends who have the most amazing tales to tell… both found love the second time around.  One after a difficult divorce, the other after being widowed for many years.  Both feel the same way I do… you have to take care of yourself first… and everything else will fall into place.  It’s both of these women who have inspired me through my own journey!
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So… I guess that’s it for the fourth Queen’s Update.  It’s been a pretty busy summer so far but I’m trying to keep up with getting daily posts out!  I miss the odd day or two… but know that when I do it’s because I’ve had a busy day with my kids… writing is pretty important to me… but they’re number one…

and two…

and three.

(Oh… and in case you haven’t noticed… there are a few tabs on the top of the home page for Blogs I Like, About Me and How Blogs Work.  If you haven’t poked around there yet… poke away!)