Bite me… again…

 I am definitely a freak of nature when it comes to bug bites!

On Sunday I was bit by a deer fly on my forearm.  Immediately I felt this tiny little beast, hopped up on steroids, cut through my skin.  With the quick reflexes of my mother in-law he was smacked and squat dead in seconds… but not before leaving the little red mark (not from her smacking me… but from the crazy teeth marks of the horrid thing.)

We were bombarded by many more in the minutes following his demise… and I was told by my son that when one is killed, their scent brings others to the scene.  I’m not sure if it was an old wives tale but we were heading out anyway… so luckily I only received the one bite.  Those little buggers are nasty!

My arm bothered me continuously in the twenty four hours following the attack.  By last night the swelling had gotten so big that the area around the bite was grossly disfiguring!  OK… slight exaggeration… but the bump on my arm was pretty big!

The swelling went down by about half overnight… but I’ve spent the day with the darn thing throbbing and sore as anything!  I can’t put my arm on anything but it hurts… and call me crazy but my fingers are throbbing! I’m itchy.  And I’m cranky.  And I’m not kidding… it hurts!!

I popped a Benadryl… I’m getting a cold compress… and I’m heading to bed.

There’s nothing worse than a darn pest getting the best of you!

I think I’ll take hiking and camping off my online dating profile.