Wiping out viruses…

Why is it that the folks who create viruses and computer scams can’t spell?  Believe it or not…that’s sometimes the one and only thing that makes me realize that this fantastic deal someone is offering me, is fake.  Marketers don’t typically make typos!

Last night I couldn’t get into Facebook or Curtains.  I had this aggravating pop up window wanting me to “click here” to fill out a survey to make sure I “wasn’t a robot”… and if I didn’t do as the thing told me… I’d be locked out of my account.  And so I was… all because I wouldn’t “click there” when it told me to “click here”.

The thing is… I never click.  If it’s enticing me for something too good to be true… or a line that sounds awfully intriguing, or wants me to do something up front… or give my email address… phone number… pin number or anything else… I totally ignore it.  Seriously… when you get that phone call with the fog horn in the background telling you that you’ve just won a cruise… chances are it’s a scam!  For shit’s sake DON’T press the pound button!!!

The “click me” scams going around facebook are irritating.  If you have to click “Like” before even seeing what the thing is about… DON’T DO IT!!!!  How do you know you’re going to like it?

Last night’s virus was truly annoying.  Not sure how it came to me but it’s called the “Human Confirmation” virus… and if you get it… you can’t get into any webpage without this pop-up… and when you try to get out of it… it takes you to a site where it wants you to do an IQ test… give your phone number… your pin… etc… then locks up your computer.  If you exit from that… you can’ do anything else.  It took a bit of work… but I think it’s gone.  Then again… sometimes you think somethings gone for good… but low and behold it pops up again and again and again… totally getting on your nerves!

Call me if you get the virus… and run your updates!

It a facebook site tells you you to “Like” it before you’ve had a chance to decide if you really like it or not… don’t “Like” it!!!!

John Irving passed away this week after a brief illness… he helped build his family’s lumber business into one of the most successful businesses in Canada.  From all accounts he was a remarkable man… who knew people and business… who was respected and admired.  A lot of people realy liked him… he was someone worth learning from… he knew how to market… and chances are he could spell.

Kristen Roe became the first Nova Scotian this week to swim the English Channel!  Roe hopes her swim will raise $100,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Nova Scotia Gambia Association to help fight the HIV-AIDS virus in Africa.  Congratulations Kristen!!! 

I wonder if Kristen used a pool noodle?