Beach bound…

As soon as the kids arrive I’m heading to the beach.  Two nights with Gib and her kids in Malagash for fun and relaxation.

The best part of it all is the outdoor shower to wash down the sandy little creeps before they haul half the beach into the cottage and leave us sweeping for hours on end.

It’s always the part I hate… the stuff they drag home that I’m left to clean up!  I can handle the beach glass, the crabs leg, a few rocks and shells for some collection they plan on keeping for the rest of their lives… but the sand throughout the house and in the tub gets on my nerves.  Mind you… I’m mellowing to the sand and find myself going to the beach more than I ever did.

I’ve mellowed a lot over the last year.

I’m packed, ready and waiting… towels and swimsuit… clothes for two nights… boogie boards and beach chairs.  A run through the supermarket and the NSLC and I’m on my way.  Two hours of driving and pure bliss on the other end… kids swimming the Northumberland Straight… laughter… good food… fun… relaxation… time with my kids…

and Gib.

I’d climb a mountain of sand to get to her some days… and wouldn’t even complain about the stuff that got hauled home at the end of the journey.

It’s only sand.