Cougar in the woods…

I’m awaiting Prada’s arrival so we can entertain ourselves in this morning’s episode of “The View”.

It’s happened several mornings now… Prada arrives with coffee cup in hand and joins Little-One and I as we sit around the counter discussing the previous evening’s events.  It’s sometimes controversial and usually quite hilarious.

Something tells me Prada will be sleeping in for awhile… so I’ll go right ahead…

Great party last night with a large gathering of friends.  My girlfriend who’s married to the “nicest man in the world” lives just a few streets away and through a twisty wooded path.  They have a fantastic house with a wonderful wrap around deck and inground pool complete with a slide and numerous pool toys for the kids to entertain themselves.  The kids were all thrilled as we stood around the pool watching them splash and dunk and every now and then take a break from the pool to jump on the bouncy castle from Glow Parties.

While the party was a great one… with lots of friends and my new favorite party couple, Ronald McDonald and his wife, it was the walk home that really tickled my fancy!

We’d sent the kids home and had them settled earlier so it was just Prada and her rake wielding husband (you’ll remember him from the moth incident last month), Little-One and her big buff of a man and little old me.  To be quite honest, it’s rather unsettling going home at the end of the night with the other couples… I half felt I should have taken one of the cute single fellows home with me… if anything just for the scary walk through the woods I knew was ahead of us!

First off… it was difficult to even find the entrance to the path and once we were about five feet in we were in complete and utter blackness.  We all removed our blackberries from our pockets hoping the screen lights would guide our way… which was overly naive of us.  There was little light to see, though I did consider a tweet or two as we stumbled along trying to feel the path underfoot.

We continued on our way… Little-One was in the lead (surprise) with Buff and me following… Rake was a few steps behind me and Prada was holding up the rear.  Suddenly Little-One stopped…. something wasn’t right.  I immediately tensed and considered my surroundings but apparently she wasn’t feeling the fear of the wild animals as I was, merely she sensed we were going the wrong way.  Little-One was quite sure we’d missed a “fork” in the path.  We all looked back… to a mass of blackness.

I suddenly had the bright idea to take a picture in the darkness… hoping the flash from the blackberry would reveal all.  I lifted the camera and snapped a shot behind us to see if we could find this fork that Little-One was sure of.  The place immediately lit up like a bolt of lightning in the darkened night… Prada screamed!  She had taken that precise camera flashing moment to practice her yoga squat in the middle of the path behind us… right in camera shot!

The laughter started.  This was “Blair Witch Project” at its finest.  Little-One sees the fork in the path… we get back on track with her in the lead again… cameras flashing… insanely laughing… Prada relieved… heading through the twisty woods to home.

It was a fantastic party… but walking home with my dear friends… facing the danger of rocks and roots… trees and stumps… bears… bats… and one cougar… it’s the way a night ends that truly reveals how wonderful it was to begin with.

Prada shouldn’t have missed this mornings episode of The View… I may not have mentioned her yoga pose!

Little-One can always find the fork in the road.

Sometimes… even when it’s scary and dark out… you have to take the path less travelled.

There are 32 new pictures today on my Blackberry.  They mostly reveal darkness… but every single one of them makes me laugh.

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