Kindred spirits…

For the next few days I’m turning into a tourist. Five days and four nights with my three darlings in a motel in PEI!

I can’t wait!

The two younger ones haven’t been to the island since they were in strollers. They don’t know of brown dirt, sand dunes and promenades. Cows Ice Cream came to Halifax years back so they have that licked…but there’s something about the island adventure that I’d like them to “get”. So, off I go to do it the way the tourists do, to show them Sandspit, Shining Waters, Anne’s house, the beaches, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and all the other touristy traps along the way.

We’re going to eat well…shop…have a bit of fun. Our big trip away before my oldest heads off to find her own way in the world. My oldest…who once had red hair…worn in braids…and is about to start an amazing adventure.

The first time I’d seen where Anne was from, I was in awe of the pretty white house with the green trim. Anne Shirley was, to me, a hero. She encompassed all things good in this world…and I was so thrilled to see where the idea came to be…where a writer could find such amazing inspiration. I remember purchasing a post card that showed Montgomery’s room…and I kept it tucked away inside the book she became so famous for. I loved everything there was about that little girl right down to her wonderful red braids…but most especially…her spirit.

My hope is that the children will see the same sense of wonder that I did as a young girl.  I’ve booked an afternoon at the musical…and I can’t wait to see the delight in their eyes.

Me and my kids…gone for a few nights…off to see Matthew, Marilla, Diana, Gilbert and Anne…the house where it all began…and an island of adventures.

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