I’m being invaded.

Things have been going along quite nicely in my little home then all of a sudden I’m attacked.

And… since my kid left, there’s no boyfriend here to kill the annoying pests!  In fairness, he dropped in last night and managed to flush a spider but what am I to do about the ants and fruit flies!

My boy freaked last night that there was a wasp in his room.  I killed it… then vacuumed it up!  The freaky pests scare the crap out of me… but threaten my boy with your stingy thing and I’m fighting back.  Momma Bear came to the rescue but he refused to go back to bed for fear they were building a nest in his closet.  I told him not to be so silly and sent him off to sleep… all the while wondering if it could be possible!  I’m pretty sure it’s possible!

Ever since the hurricane, the ants are making their way back in.  I sprayed last night… then took to a fit of sneezing from the spray while stomping on the buggers trying to get away from it.  I hate ants and fruit flies!  Where the hell is Little-One when I need her!

Today I found a crawly weird thing, possibly a tick, in between the windows on the screen.  And the other day, one of those moths that we’d gotten rid of earlier in the summer flew in through the door!  Seriously people I’m being invaded and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing I can do to stop it!

Prada told me she has so many ants that any day now you’re gonna hear a big “WHHHUUUMMPPP” next door and the whole house is going to drop into some big ant hole!  I’m heading to Prada’s house… cause when the ants swallow up her house… I’d like to be in it.  There’s pests annoying the hell out of me and I can’t seem to get out of their way.

I think I need to get me a huge fly swatter… or maybe the iron frying pan.  Anything to get rid of the damn beasts and put this invasion to rest once and for all.

4 Replies to “Invaded…”

  1. I can't stop laughing!! see, my OCD was appreciated!! Wish I was there for ant patrol!
    Little One

  2. I'm told 1 part Borax-6parts icing sugar.Spread it where they come in-they'll carry itback to their nest and kill the queen-Bingo!

  3. @Little-One… your OCD was very much appreciaterd. Ants are now under control again but the hurricane messed up the wasp nests so they're everywhere!

    @Mary… are you suggesting people should kill the queen?? Or go to Bingo?

    @Pam… and she gets it. I'm being stung a fair bit lately. Hence all the pest related posts!