Put down your weapon…

Who texts while driving?!  Two deaths in Nova Scotia this week are being blamed on texting.  It’s awfully sad and totally avoidable!

We have a law that states that you can’t talk on your cell phone while driving.  You can use a hands free device, but that’s it!  Constantly I see people on their phones, blatantly disregarding the rule.  They’re putting their own life, mine, my children’s and those I love in jeopardy… for what!  Is it that important to make your dinner plans, to be told to pick up milk and eggs, to close that sale, to find out the gossip, to say you hang up… no you hang up… no you hang up first?  Seriously this is DANGEROUS!!!

Cell phones are ruining us!  There was a time we’d sit in the car, listen to the radio, check out the scenery, use the time to be alone, relax and think.  You can no longer go for a drive with your kid, trapping them in while you have a conversation about the birds and bees, as they’re on the phone!  Try going to the mall with your daughter to shop… she’s texting her friends for their opinion… never mind yours!  Are the friends paying for the shopping trip?  And mealtimes… I have a rule in this house… NO CELL PHONES AT THE TABLE!

I don’t use my phone to talk while I’m driving but I admit, I’ve checked a text or two at a stop light… glanced down to see what someone just sent me… but I shouldn’t do that either!  If someone can’t wait for me to get from point A to point B to respond to a message…. there’s something wrong.  If you’re waiting for an important text or call… pull over!  We’re living in this new world where everyone expects an immediate response and you’re judged by not getting back to someone quick enough.  Sometimes you need time to think about what your response is going to be rather than say the first thing that comes to your mind.  If I said the first thing that popped in my mind, I’d be saying “screw you” an awful lot!

If you’re knowingly texting someone while they’re driving and an accident occurs, can you be charged with manslaughter?  Just asking as I’ve knowingly texted someone when they’ve been driving!!!

The hands free devices seem to be working for the most part to keep people off their phones while behind the wheel… but maybe the cost of the ticket has to be bigger to deter the rest who disrespect the law.  Texting while driving… what can they do to stop that!  Kids spend more time texting than talking.  Actually… I probably do as well.  How are we going to get it through to people that you can’t possibly be paying attention to the road and the cars around you… let alone the pedestrians or the deer about to jump in front of you… if you’re trying to write a message, spell correctly, receive a message, write back a message, throw in a few lol’s, one or two lmao’s, write some more…. PUT THE DAMN THING DOWN!!!

This graduated licence the kids have for the first two years of driving, maybe it should state that NO cell phones are allowed in the front seat of the car.  Forget that… maybe before you step in a car you should have to put them in the trunk (boot for all my UK readers!)  We have laws where open liquor has to be in the trunk… maybe cell phones do as well.  Maybe, just maybe, when there is a car full of kids… they should be laughing and singing and enjoying the people who are in the car with them rather than talking to other, seemingly “better” friends who aren’t with them.  Have you ever seen a group of kids hanging out nowadays?  They’re walking down the street all talking or texting on their phones!  Put the things away and enjoy the people you’re with rather than telling the people you’re not with that they should be with you!  Stop telling people what you’re doing and DO IT!

The person who invents the device that’s built into the steering wheel making phones totally useless within a meter of the wheel is going to be a billionaire… and better yet… save a ton of lives!  Or how about the button on your phone that puts you in “drive mode” so when a person texts or phones you they get back a response that you’re driving and will get back to them as soon as you’ve reached your destination.  Maybe I should invent these things!  (All thoughts on this blog are copy written!)

Friends… put the phones down.  People I love are driving on the same streets as you… in the same cars as you.  No phone call or message is worth losing a life.

This texting while driving thing is a HUGE issue.  Much safer when we were kids and would drink when we drove!  Thank God education seems to have helped that one… as I think there’s quite a number of us out there, raising kids who are now shaking out heads!

My thoughts are with all of you who’ve lost loved ones from texting while driving.  Let’s hope people get the message.

3 Replies to “Put down your weapon…”

  1. I live in Doha where most people generally don't use their seat belts and baby car seats are almost unheard of and speeding is the norm!! Many of the young people over here have three mobile phones on them at all times. So, can you imagine trying to stop this group from using their mobiles in cars?