A hunter a blogger and a bear…

This is BRILLIANT!!!!  There truly are people out there who are taking marketing and social media to the next level… the creative minds and talent of some people is awe inspiring!

A few weeks ago I showed you Mila’s Daydreams…. a mom who photographs her daughter in the most wonderful settings that she builds from fabric… lovingly places the wee child into the scene while she’s napping.  This mom is now written about in several magazines, there have been several tv interviews and she has thousands of followers!!!  She has caught peoples interest with a unique and precious endeavor.

This week, let me introduce you to the Tipp-Ex marketing campaign called “A Hunter and a Bear.”  (I have to thank my film maker friend Jay Dahl for putting this one on his facebook page!)

Check out the link at http://www.youtube.com/tippexperience.

The video looks like a you tube video (and initially it is) but it quickly takes you by surprise and creative programming comes into play.  Play the video and see what I mean.  A smart and talented, brilliant person or team of people have come up with the most fascinating way of marketing a product by using a hunter, a bear, and amazing skills!  It’s fabulous.

You have to try it to believe it!  Follow the instructions for typing in entries to change the story from a “Hunter who Shoots a Bear” to anything your imagination can think of!  I sat with my son and typed in all sorts of phrases that kept me laughing.  Here’s a few for you to try…

Sleeps with, Plays soccer with, Sings to, Does drugs with, Drinks with (had me killing myself laughing), Finds, Chokes, Kisses, Has sex with (you’re all thinking it so you may as well find out what happens!), Eats (one of my favorites!), Cooks, Shoots, Erases, Watches tv with, Dances with, Draws, Meets, Picks flowers with, Fishes with, Tames, Mows the lawn with, Works with, Plays with, Carries.

Try some of your own… it’s kept me in stitches all day!

Social media has taken over.  We’re selling products, talking about our lives, reaching millions of viewers… going viral!  There are folks out there who continue to push the envelope… come up with new and wonderful ideas.  I really am inspired by these creative geniuses!

Hats off to the folks who’ve created this ad.  It really is something else!

Now… go play… show your kids… have some fun (and let me know if you come up with any other wonderful phrases to try!!!)

4 Replies to “A hunter a blogger and a bear…”

  1. Well Mr. Georges Mohamed-Cherif… I truly am impressed! Nice job finding folks who are talking about you! Makes this x-IT chick realize I've a lot to re-learn if I intend to kick this stay-at-home mom habit and get back to the workforce! Dust off your tux my friend and find yourself a prom date… I would think you'll be heading down the red carpet, appearing on Ellen and winning Advertising Awards for this one!! I'd say there are more than a few marketing folk out their shaking their heads and thinking "shit… wish I'd thought of that!" Truly am impressed! (Now read the rest of my blog…not just the post I wrote about you!)

  2. Few more…
    Fights with
    (showed the video to my youngest… she found a few more.)