Dealing with it…

The Curtains have been slightly closed for the last few days.  I have personal crap going on and therefore it’s hard to write about “nothing” while I’m in the midst of “everything”.

I’m taking a bit of advice from an old friend.  I’m “Putting on my Big Girl Panties and Dealing with It!”  Facing my fears.  Making the best of a bad situation.  Holding my head high.

I can do it!  I’m strong!  I’m brave!  I’m the best!  I can skate faster than anyone on the ice!  I’ve got a wicked fast shot!  I know how to play my position!  I deserve this!

I’ve morphed into my 12 year old boy!

I can learn a lot from my 12 year old boy.

We are in the process of hockey tryouts which always bring great stress to our home.  My son worked hard through tryouts last year and didn’t get on the team that he thought he should.  He was devastated.

Tryouts began last weekend and he had himself totally bent out of shape.  I kept him busy most of the day to keep his mind off things but he couldn’t quite shake the feeling of not being in control of his own destiny.  He sat in front of the computer to drown himself in what I thought was loud obnoxious music… only to find out later he was listening to famous motivational speeches from coaches through the years.

By the time he got on the ice… he was flying!  He worked for an hour non-stop… not making a single mistake… proving to the judges that he had something worth fighting for!  Stepping off he looked at me… no excuses… and said… “I did my best”.

He made it through the first cut… exactly where he wanted to be.  Second tryout… made it again.  Exactly where he wants to be.  Tonight… he’ll do it again.  He’s got something to prove… he’s got people to prove it to… but more importantly… he’s proving it to himself.

I could learn a lot from that boy.

Today, I’m putting on my big girl panties and taking a deep breath.  Doing my best.  I’ve got something to prove… and people to prove it to… but most importantly… I’m proving it to myself!

Now… if only I can find those motivational speeches!

2 Replies to “Dealing with it…”

  1. You ARE strong! You ARE brave! You WILL Survive!!! My thoughts, hopes, prayers are with you. Feel me standing tall right there with you girl!! Even though I am still just the Little One.