Sew what…

Timothy the Sock Monkey arrived in our house a few Christmases ago.

Since then, he’s been photographed in New York, the Galapagos Islands, Mexico, at school, the beach, sporting and charity events and any number of sleepovers, dances, parties and get togethers… and those are only the things I’m aware of.

My oldest texted me from X a few days ago to let me know Timothy’s hat had fallen off and needs sewing… please come ASAP!  She later sent a picture.

Something tells me she was just trying to make me feel needed that day while I was putting on my big girl panties… but I ran with it and I’m heading to Antigonish on Sunday… needle and thread in hand!

(Alright… fact is her boyfriend dislocated his shoulder and their weekend visit is messed up as he can’t one-arm-drive that far so… his lovely mother is taking him down on Friday night and I’m picking him up on Sunday.  But I needed to sew Timothy’s hat on anyway so it made sense to help out!)


You’re looking at me like you see right through me and maybe I’m just missing my kid or something but facts are facts… the kid needs a ride to see his girlfriend and the monkey can’t continue with his hat hanging like that… the weather has turned colder and that bald head of his really needs to stay warm.

Everyone knows you lose most of your body heat through your head!

Besides… the kid really loves that monkey…

My youngest has “Granny”… a weird looking stuffed rabbit that her father brought her from Finland on one of his business trips… never leaving her side ever since.  And my boy… “blank”.  It was once a beautiful white eyelet cover set on the children’s crib and is now a tattered old grey rag.

I never had a prized possession.  Not that I remember.  I look around this house and while I love any number of items inside these doors… there’s nothing I couldn’t live without…

Unless you count those darlings I raked over the coals yesterday who emptied the dishwasher, put away their breakfast dishes, made their beds and brushed their teeth, put the bread tab on the bag and brought me a cup of tea this morning!

Maybe just them.

And the one sitting in her room at university with a stuffed monkey needing my attention!

Q – What are your kids’ prized posessions?

6 Replies to “Sew what…”

  1. Reese has a Lady Bug blanket from the Gap that was given to her at birth . We forgot the old LB @ OLD ORCHARD BEACH in Maine on a road trip when Reese was 4. We didn't realize until the next night @ a new hotel in Springfield……many tears!!!! After a few phone calls and e-mails to the last hotel we decided to continue the road trip to NYC and stop in @ OLD ORCHARD beach on the way home in a week or so. Great trip…then back to Old Orchard where Mommy turned into a crazy woman checking every inch of the hotel's laundry area in hopes that it was washed with the sheets. No Blankie. Sad drive home. The happy ending came a few days later when the" hotel"(thank God Reese couldn't read yet!) mailed us her blankie- REPAIRED AND LOOKING NEW! All was well with the world….Thank you e-bay and thank you fed-ex next day delivery!!!-Heather C.

  2. Our eldest grandson has a multi-coloured stuffed elephant called Fonz.It has travelled far and wide and is presently in Dubai with him.I'm kind of hoping he'll never outgrow Fonz.

  3. I have Jeffrey…I think it's a caveman ardvaark…but I'm not sure to tell you the truth. He's blue, with floppy ears and a long nose and wears a fuzzy pink over the shoulder number. I've had him for as long as I can remember. And the worst part – I used to suck on his nose to go to sleep when I was upset. Yup, I sucked on his nose. I don't know why. But I still have Jeffrey. He sits on the futon in our basement and keeps our kitties company. 🙂

    And yes, you can tell that I used to suck on his nose. heehee However, he has gone through several wash cycles, so don't get all grossed out!!

  4. Remember DiDi? The sock doll is still around…with some added hair 'extensions' because hers were coming out. She's had some new outfits: those wine bottle dresses fit pretty well, a dress with the summer camp logo ironed on so she would fit in, and the latest being a stripey sock with armholes, very stylish. I think she'll always be around. TH

  5. My oldest = Red Teddy, middle = Pink Teddy, youngest = Me! She can't get to sleep or stay asleep without me. BJ