Queen’s update vi…

The wonderful thing about having this blog is being able to look back and remember what I’ve been up to as my memory is failing.

Little-One, Buff and the two Buff Juniors headed back to Dubai but unfortunately didn’t take the raccoons with them.  The other night I had the fright of my life and phoned my neighbour just before midnight to report a person standing on my deck looking in the window at me!  I don’t think he heard the end of the conversation as he was out the door and on my deck in no time flat… to discover a raccoon (three actually) standing on the deck rail!  I miss those guys… not the raccoons… Little-One and her family!  It was a long summer of having those pests around… not Little-One and her family… the raccoons!  I hope they come back soon… not the racoons!  How many times do we have to do this!!!  Sheesh…
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I only had to complain once about the lack of comments on my site to get you folks to open up!  And I appreciate every single comment made.  I love to hear what you have to say… what posts you like… what makes you laugh.  Quite often I’m approached in public about the blog.  Seems you all know what’s going on in my life… or at least as much as I’m telling you!  A friend yelled “Your ass looks great in those jeans” at the rink the other day prompting a number of folk to look my way… I could hardly stop laughing.  She’s a new reader… and has been catching up on a few older posts.  It’s nice that someone finally said something about my appearance other than “You have great hair”!  Funny thing is… she’s a hairdresser… not sure what that says about my hair!
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Hurricane Earl came and went without much of a punch around my yard… there were trees knocked down and a bit of damage through the neighbourhood… but nothing like Hurricane Igor hitting my hometown of St. John’s Newfoundland last week.  Family members had flooding and damage and power was out for days.  Reminds me of Juan so many years back… I wish you all luck with the clean up and life getting back to normal.  Takes a while to get back on your feet from a hurricane.
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I wrote a number of posts about my daughter heading off to university.  I never dreamt it would affect me the way it did… it tore at my heart.  It’s wild how she’s doing exactly what I’d always dreamed for her… and yet… I didn’t want her to go.  I visited last week and it was lovely to see her… but I walked away with a sense of being thrilled I wasn’t a teenager and wishing I could protect mine all at the same time.  They have a lot more on their plates than we ever did when we were kids… and not near enough bubble wrap in the world to protect them.  She’s settling in fine… keeping her head up… enjoying the social life and the education… and opening her eyes up to a world that’s hers to change.  I brought my mom with me for the adventure and she sewed the sock monkey’s hat back on.  What???  You didn’t really think I was going to do it did you?
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I still have fruit flies.
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I still don’t text and drive.
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I lost about a day and a half on “A Hunter Shoots a Bear.”  But I received a lovely message from the fellow who created the marketing campaign in Paris!!!  Nice that he found me… wonder if he’s single?
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A whack of you emailed me about how normal I am… how all of our kids frustrate us and I’m not the only one fighting with them to pick up after themselves!  My kids thought the post was hilarious and completed their chores for about three days in a row.  It was lovely while it lasted… but thankfully we’re back to normal again!
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I spent a whole day whallopped in self pity.  Sometimes you just have to give in and ride the wave!  It didn’t help that I felt like crap… had a cold that went into my chest… was put on medication that made me break out in hives.  You know what?  I can make all the excuses I want about how crappy I was feeling and the fact I’m not totally over it… but the bottom line is I probably would have thrown myself a pity party regardless.  Thanks for all who put up with me.
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I heard from a few of you who found your true loves on plenty of fish… and know a great many more who had successes.  Maybe I’m just not in the mood to get my feet wet!  My brother suggested I go fly fishing to meet men and I gotta tell you it’s peeked my interest a little.  It buys me a few months to think about it until next Spring… and who knows… that might be the perfect time to start fishing.
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My boy made the Halifax Hawks Peewee B team.  Tryouts were long and tedious.  Everyone has something to say… folks are fighting for their positions.  Kids just want to play hockey.  It kind of reminded me of when all the birds come to the feeders, fighting each other for the good seed… there seems to be a pecking order to all of it… lots of squawking.  I found it all kind of enlightening, irritating and confusing at the same time… hence the post!  It’s all good now… boys got a team… a coach… and a desire to play.  What more can anyone ask for?
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That’s about it for an update!  It’s been a long September with lots going on… dragging me out of summer mode and heading into fall.  We’re gearing up for the busy social season ahead… I’m accepting invitations to everything out there so if you hear of something interesting that I should be attending or writing about… throw the info my way!  Don’t forget the “6th Annual Autism Golf Ball” coming up on the 16th or the NSLC’s Port of Wines Festival next weekend… at the moment I don’t have tickets to either event!  I do have tickets to the Dakin Rink Halloween Party to raise money for the neighbourhood rink… which is always a blast with a phenomenal group of people.  If you have any ideas for costumes… send them my way!  I’m always happy to hear from you!
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Still tons of you reading… some of you searching me out… others finding me quite by accident.  Like one lady who searched for the definition of “Guzuntight” which brought her to the post about the wonderful store in the Annapolis Valley called “Far Fetched”.  I get a kick when I see what people search for and stumble upon my blog.

Some find me on purpose and support me on a regular basis, others find me by mistake and stick around to get to know me.  Still others meet me… get irritated… and quickly leave (which sums up life perfectly doesn’t it!)  It doesn’t really matter how you find me… it’s just nice when you pop by for a visit and send your friends to visit as well!  It’s wonderful to have your support… and the support of all the folks listed on the right side of the blog.  Click on their links if you’re looking to have your family photo taken, sell your house, buy a pair of boots, get a massage, have your carpets cleaned or your face painted!  And if there’s something you’d like me to plug… and it’s something I’d like to support… just let me know!!!  I’m always interested in learning and telling you about new and wonderful things.


6 Replies to “Queen’s update vi…”

  1. I still have fruit flies as well. I think I may empty the kitchen and eat out for a week to see if they are still around.

    Thanks for keeping me updated!


  2. I love when I'm mentioned..I mean missed!

    I miss you tremendously!!!!! Thank you for the Queen update. Feel much more connected now. Please give the boy and girl my hugs and kisses and tell them I am the luckiest friend in the world!

    Little One,

  3. I still have fruit flies too and they are driving me insane. Randy has taken to vacuuming them. Seems to work – somewhat!

  4. @Ray… how goes the take out! Brilliant idea for ridding yourself of fruit flies.

    @Little-One.. all hugged and loved!

    @LG… Queen wears wonderful hats!

    @Anonymous… love the thought of Randy vacuuming! But the fruit flies get in the vacuum canister and start a rebellion! Careful!