Christmas wish book…

 Remember waiting anxiously for the Christmas Wish Book?  Wanting to be the first to open its pages.  The glossy paper smelling fresh and… papery!  Turning down the corners of the pages you especially liked, reading descriptions of items you could only imagine and circling the pictures of the barbie playhouse that never came.  The toy section… the biggest, brightest, most wonderful section in the entire book… a first hand view of the new and glorious toys that Santa might bring.

With the arrival of the Wish Book the countdown would start with wonderful wishes of what might possibly lie under the tree on Christmas morning.

I remember making Santa’s list.  Limiting the things I dreamed of as I knew not to ask for everything.  Adding a few things I would be incredibly happy with and others I dreamed of as it was the book of wishes after all… and wishes were magic… that sometimes came true.

Everything my kids are looking for this year comes not from the wish book… but from stores in the States.  And herein lies the problem… I don’t live in the States!

The first and only time I walked into FAO Schwartz I was amazed!  My eyes kept darting from one thing to the next, starting with the “tin soldier” standing guard next to the pretty ballerina at the front of the store.  I asked him if he ever had to dress as the ballerina and not only did I make the soldier smile… he actually laughed out loud while opening the door for me.  Such a gentlemen.  I found out later that unlike the Queen’s Honor Guard, he’s allowed to smile… so I guess it wasn’t much of an accomplishment after all!  Oh… and apparently he’s paid to open the door!

The doll section had nurses.  Real  live nurses… tending the babies in their cribs, changing diapers, rocking them, holding them.  I was in awe and creeped out all at the same time!  I walked into the doll department to look around and was asked if I’d like to hold the baby for a moment.  Not quite sure what possessed me… but there I stood… holding the baby for the nurse while she took the opportunity to tuck in a set of twins sleeping soundly in the beautiful wicker bassinet by the window.  I stood there like a fool until she finally came back and took the sweet swaddled doll from my arms… then I headed to the train section to meet the conductor setting up the trains.

For me… the wish book had come to life!

While FAO Schwartz has lots to offer my youngest, for the two older ones it’s anything from Apple to Abercrombie.  And the shirtless man outside the store sure beats the tin soldier who may or may not dress up as a ballerina on occasion!

Christmas has arrived… I saw it today.  Decorations, ornaments, tinsel and myrrh. I’m not entirely sure… but it smelled like myrrh.

Take a minute to peruse through the old wish books found at  It will take you back… make you smile… make you rush out tomorrow for a copy of your very own.  There’s 86 days to go… and a ton of wishes to make come true!

3 Replies to “Christmas wish book…”

  1. I still get the wish book for my kids, they are still young enough. My littlest has last years torn apart, with lego pages stuck in various areas of his room. Love the wish book!

  2. Lahna and I sat down yesterday and went through the Wish Book! It was funny to see through a 3 year old eyes the joy at circling every toy on every page! She even threw a bunch of circles for her brother.

  3. @Lisas… love that you both still get the wish book for those wonderful children of yours!