Tea cozy…

 My mom likes tea.


She’ll pour a number of cups throughout the day… and drink about half of each.

With powdered milk.

She boils the kettle, puts two tea bags in the teapot, pours the water into the pot and puts a tea cozy on top.  While waiting for it to steep she fills the kettle back up with water and boils the water again.  Finally, she puts a bit of powdered milk into a big mug and pours herself a cup of tea, refilling the pot with the newly boiled water for the next cup!

For as long as I can remember she’s been doing it this way.

Today… for her birthday… I thought I’d give her a new teapot.  But not a regular two cup teapot… no… my mom appreciates a big teapot.  Solid but not too heavy with a big spout and comfortable handle, round shaped and pretty.

Easy enough to find right?

Gib and I went to Costco, Homesense, Home Outfitters, Stokes, The Bay, Sears, Paderno, Winners, Chapters, English Butler, Bombay Company, Bowrings, Zellers, DAVIDsTEA and Second Cup.

We found lots of teapots… if you like small teapots… but nothing appropriate for my Mom except for the perfect one at Sears for $215!!!

So… I bought my mom pyjamas.

Happy Birthday Mom.

Hope you’re cozy in your new pjs… drinking a cup of tea.

From your old pot.

(Thank goodness it’s easy to find pyjamas.)

3 Replies to “Tea cozy…”

  1. It is hard to find the perfect teapot! I did the pot hunt last spring and had to settle for the old classic glass pot that whistles…..someday I will find that pot that is in my imagination!
    Heather C.

  2. try Canadian Tire – I got a plain white 6-cup one there recently for a reasonable price

  3. @Heather… I love the glass pot that whistels! There's a great store in Lunenburg… I'll probably head that way eventually.

    @Anonymous… I forgot to add Canadian Tire to the list of places I looked… the white one wasn't bad… but I had "pretty" in my head.