My pandora…

For my 40th birthday a few years ago, my girlfriends gave me a Pandora charm bracelet.  A Danish designed bracelet famous for it’s “twist-on” charms handcrafted in sterling silver or 14K gold… many containing semi-precious and precious stones.

Each charm on my bracelet represents something about me… or something about the person who gave it to me.  It’s one of my favorite possessions.

When the bracelet was first given to me, Crazy gave me the “present” charm.  Her and I had a fairly new friendship and not knowing me as well as she knows me now, she probably didn’t have a clue what to pick from the various detailed charms.  Call me sentimental but I look at it now as representing the gift of her friendship… as it truly is a gift.

Knowing who I am better than anyone else, Gib gave me the “Queen Bee” charm… a tiny gold crown placed upon the little bee’s head.  Prada and Mac… an apple to represent the trip to New York for my 40th as they were unable to join us but very much there in spirit.  A little gold worm poking out the side of the silver apple.  Then there’s the bulldog… representing my old and wonderful, faithful dog… and how important it is to be a true and faithful friend.

The pretty “flower” charm with pink stones was given to me by my mother in-law who loves to garden.  The stone matching perfectly with the colorful red and pink murano glass charms I bought myself.  Red because it’s my favorite color, pink because there’s a bit of “girl” in me somewhere!

For the numerous cups of tea I’ve had with my mom through the years there’s the “tea pot” charm.  Reminding me of all the advice she’s given me with each and every sip.

A”horse” charm for my youngest… complete with four detailed, tiny horseshoes.  A turtle from my oldest… received when I did all of the fundraising for her trip to the Galapagos Islands.  And from my son, a “forget me knot”… so I’ll never forget.  How could I forget? 

Last year I received the “house” charm from one of my true and faithful friends when I bought my house.  She knew what an accomplishment it was… as she’d purchased her own home as a single woman just a few years before.
And my favorite… the “circle of friendship” charm with tiny diamonds given to me by Little-One and Crazy.  Purchased when… well… it’s a very long, personal and funny story.  Each time I look at it… it makes me smile.

I love my Pandora but more importantly… I love everything it represents.  I love wearing it… remembering all of the wonderful people in my life… who make me who I am.

In Halifax, Pandoras can be purchased at The Vault or for a store near you, visit the Pandora website.


4 Replies to “My pandora…”

  1. My Pandora is all sterling silver with some silver with 14 gold accent beads. They are all from my husband and daughters (ok, still husband because daughters are 8 & 11). I love it!

  2. Those are the cutest charm bracelets I've ever seen! I've never heard of Pandora or seen these before. So cute! I've got to get one now!!!

  3. I love mine too. AND… Pandora is opening in Mirdif City Centre now, near Crate and Barrel & Pottery Barn! 3 favorites in one mall..who cares if it takes me almost 45min to get there.

    Glad you love that circle of friendship charm. It's absolutely my favorite on my bracelet too!

  4. @novascotianosh… new charms just arrived! Love the silver and gold look.

    @Winn… you HAVE to get one!

    @Little-One… JEALOUS… mostly of Pottery Barn!!! I suppose you have an IKEA as well.