Stache for cash…

Gentlemen… start your razors!

In 2003, over a few beers in an Australian pub, a couple of friends decided to bring back the moustache!  Not sure what they were thinking… but it worked!

Last year, the Movember campaign worldwide raised $47 million dollars for men’s health.  In Canada alone, $7.8 million dollars was raised for Prostate Cancer Research… now that’s a lot of face fungus!

Join in the “mo”vement and grow yourself a crumb catcher.  All you have to do is register and put together a group… challenge your co-workers, team members and family… or grow it alone!

When it’s all over, join the rest of the Mo Bros for a grand celebration.  Sport your new grass grin and show off your style at various events across the country.

The only rule… start “clean shaven” on November 1st then grow a Mo for 30 days… no beards or goatees… just plain ol’ lip foliage!

See if you can pull off a Handlebar, Horseshoe, Walrus, Chevron, Toothbrush, Fu Manchu or Pencil… wear it proudly for the month… we’re totally behind you.

Men, put away your razors but when it’s over… please, please PLEASE… take them out again!

You’ve got 30 days to show us what you’ve got… 30 days to raise money for Prostate Cancer… 30 days to give your lip a coat… 30 days to look like a 1970’s porn star.

On your mark, get set… GROW!!