Demi Lovato…

“Ahhhh… honey… I just thought I should tell you… cause you might hear it on TV or from your friends… ahhhh… Demi Lovato is sick.”

“Is she dying?”

“No… she’s just really tired from all of the work she’s been doing.  You know… stressed out from her concerts and stuff.  She’s going to take a rest and get better… meet with a few doctors.  If you have any questions… if anyone says anything you don’t understand… just ask me about it ok?”

“OK.  Why?”

“Well… just ’cause sometimes with famous people… the people who tell the news don’t always get it right.  So if you have any questions just ask.”


See… I didn’t want to tell her about the cutting.

Demi Lovato, 18, checked herself into rehab for “emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time.”  Stress.  Another teen star overwhelmed with what’s going on in her life.  A public breakup, a rising career, the glare of Hollywood’s lights and on top of all of that… the regular teen crap that every one of us has been through.

My youngest is a fan.  Watching her regularly on “Sonny with a Chance”.  She’s seen every “Camp Rock” movie a number of times, sings the songs from her two CDs and remembers every dance move Demi mastered on Barney and Friends.

I hugged her a little closer yesterday.  Today… I’m researching “self injury”… just in case she asks.

Hang in there Demi.  It’s a scary world out there but try not to make it more than it is.  Rely on your friends and family… they’re behind you even when you think you’re doing it all alone.  All of the things you think are so big ARE really big to you right now… but trust me… it all gets better in time and there’s so many more wonderful adventures ahead for you.  We get hurt… we remember… we try to move on and try to forgive.  There’s ups and downs for all of us and sometimes you just need to take yourself out of the game for a little while to give yourself the break you need to heal.  We’re cheering for you.  Oh… and don’t worry about your fans… while your mom is taking care of you… their mom’s will take care of them.

“Mom… do you think Demi Lovato’s mom is like you?”

“I’m not sure hon… why do you ask?”

“Because if she’s anything like you… she’ll be just fine”.

Damn… I wish.  I wish that being a good mom, listening to your kids and holding them when they hurt was all they needed… but it’s not.  It’s a big scary world out there.  Parent them the best you can but sadly, sometimes in their own worlds and in their own minds, everything is against them.  And sometimes… no amount of love is enough.

Ask your kids how they’re doing.  Find out if anything or anyone is bugging them.  Ask the questions that are sometimes hard to ask and be prepared to answer the ones that are really hard to answer.  Remember… no matter how little it seems to you… it’s big to them.

Give your kids a little extra love today.

4 Replies to “Demi Lovato…”

  1. It is so sad. Hopefully all parents will take the time to ask the questions and LISTEN to the answers. Well said Colleen. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is wonderful. You are such a good Mom.

    Demi? She’s doing alright. She’s come a long way!

    Time is a wonderful healer and so is talking about what ails us.

    I quite like Demi, actually. So do my kids – and even though way back in 2010 we were not connected – I spoke to my wee ones about her, too. About how she needed a break and was going to get the care she needed.

    Hope is a wonderful thing.