A little bit harry…

I turned each and every one of the 4,175 pages in the seven Harry Potter books.

Like everything else I’ve read… I mostly forgot them.

I remember vividly how Harry’s parents died (oh by the way his parents died) and I clearly remember the dementors … probably due to the fact I’ve faced a few of those freaky things myself through the years.

There’s butterbeer and quidditch.  A lovable giant.  Owls.  A snake.  An invisible cloak and some guy who can’t be named… though again… like the dementors in my life… there’s a person I prefer not to speak of.  There’s a troll…. hmmmmmm…. and a power struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, life and death… family, love and survival.

While I forget most of the story… I admit that when reading I couldn’t get enough.  In fact, when the final book arrived I waited quite impatiently for my daughter to finish so I could get my hands on it.  I sat for days on my front deck basking in the sunlight and story.  Every page devoured and eventually forgotten.

My eldest is home from her own version of Hogwarts to attend the opening weekend of the Harry Potter movie.  I’m reminded of the joy from reading the books and think it might be time to revisit the wonderful series with my youngest.

I’m also thinking it might be time to give J.K Rowlings a run for her money and write my own novel about facing deep fears with an amazing group of friends and the unconditional love of family.  Folks anticipating each book and lining up to watch the movies…. OH… and a THEME PARK.  I’ll delight in the faces of the crowds as they step off the roller coaster… shaking their heads breathlessly proclaiming… “THAT… was one helluva ride!”

I’m heading to the Hog’s Head pub, ordering up a butterbeer and getting down to work.  But first… has anybody seen my wand?

One Reply to “A little bit harry…”

  1. I would love to read a book you ave written. Your witty style may be geared more for adults, but the last few Potter books were as well.