Less spastic more plastic….

Sometimes I put things on my “To Do List” that I’ve already done… just so I can cross them off!

Human Nature is a funny thing.  I’m content to sit in my house for days on end until the day I put my car in the garage and suddenly I’ve a ton of errands to do, a hankering to take a long leisurely drive and a deep desire to visit an old dear friend I haven’t seen in forever.

What’s that about?

My “casserole dish” and “tupperware” cupboards are out of control.  Things piled everywhere.  Big bowls balanced on little bowls with a colander on top.  A jenga game of glass and plastic ready to topple any moment.  Yet… this week, when I’m unable to bend or kneel… this is the week I suddenly have the great urge to organize cupboards that haven’t been touched in months!

I also want to clean the garage, rake the leaves and caulk the tub… simply not content to read a book, shop, run a few errands, take a long leisurely drive, or visit that dear old friend.

Today is the day I should send the car to O’Regans!!!!  But no.  I’ll book my appointment for my winter tires next week…. and I’ll be pissed all day that I can’t go anywhere.  But will I clean out the cupboards while I’m stuck at home with nothing to do?  Of course I won’t.  I’ll wait until I can’t bend or kneel again… or until the tower comes toppling down.

I need to write down a few things I need to do to get myself organized.

I can add then cross out “brow wax” as the first item.  A quick run to Starbucks with Red yesterday had her informing me I needed a “clean up”!  Before long we were at the spa, pulling out the hot tub of wax and fixing “the atrocious mess” as only Red can do.  I had a quick peruse through Mudwraps and was reminded that I also need to make a “Gift List”.  New and wonderful items are arriving daily and they’re currently overstocked for the holidays with beautiful scarves, purses, hats, jewellery and various accessories… not to mention fantastic shoes and boots… oh… and gift certificates for spa services!  Add it to your list this weekend before all the best stuff is gone!

I can also cross “haircut” from the list as I had a visit with my friend Belinda who has cut my hair for over twenty years.  I can get my hair cut at the same time as visiting a friend… killing two birds with one stone.  Always great to sit in her chair and have a chat about raising children and the various oddities of life.  I’m quite sure she’s heard it all and has a pretty good read on people… most of the time!

So all in all… this no bending, kneeling or reaching over my head while hyped up on muscle relaxants thing I’ve got going isn’t so bad.  So far I’ve managed to add and cross out “unruly hair” from my list of things to do and… ummmm…. yeahhhhhh…. that’s about it.

I gotta go… I’ve got stuff to do.

And a tupperware party to find.

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  1. ha! I actually add and cross out too! Really, what deeper issue is that about!? 😉