Plans for thursday night…

 Plan A… I didn’t have kids last night so I thought I’d find a friend to go out with but as it turns out everyone I know actually had stuff to do!  Problem is a few of you don’t believe Thursday is an appropriate night for going out, others watch Survivor, most of you were following your children around and one of you actually had a dinner date which I should comment about not being invited to but I’ll let that one go.  I tried to explain that Thursday was the new Friday but then Crazy pointed out that “we don’t say that anymore” and I was forced to apologize.

On to Plan B… Since part of the division of assets was a DVD and Surround System that doesn’t actually work, I brought my son’s PS3 up from the basement.  My plan was to watch one of the chick flicks I rented last weekend but never got around to watching as I was at a hockey auction checking out all of the grey haired gents on Friday night and had to rest my hip Saturday night like the rest of the folks at the old age home.  The red, yellow and white cords fit appropriately in front of the television and I managed to get the thing turned on, but then nothing happened and I couldn’t figure out how to make the movie show up on the tv that no longer has surround sound but if there’s a fella out there who knows how to fix such things I’d appreciate the help… on two counts… showing me how to play a DVD and fixing the sound.

Plan C… I always thought you made your plans and if they didn’t work out then you went to Plan B but the way my life works you keep on trudging through the alphabet until eventually you come up with something that you’re happy with which has me thinking it would probably be better if the alphabet had more than 27 letters… or is it 26?  I’ve never been very good with math.  I used to play this game where I said the alphabet in my head as I twisted off an apple stem and the letter I stopped on would be the first letter of the name of the person I was going to marry but I always just ripped the stem off at the letter “D” trying to tempt fate.  I digress.  Anyway, I attempted to clean out the junk drawer and found an old DVD with tons of photographs pulling me in to viewing all 796 and leaving me a little verclempt, a wee bit ticked and happy that things are no longer the way things used to be… realizing I’ll never again settle for Plan B.

Plan D…  Poured myself a glass of wine and logged onto my online dating account where I was impressed with the amount of young men who think I’m hilarious but equally unimpressed with those my age that take a peek at my witty profile then run away.  Seems the twenty somethings are tired of the young ladies who take themselves too seriously and think it’s “refreshing” that someone a bit older knows who they are and what they want in life.  Unfortunately the more mature men are looking for someone who’s all uptight… or young, blond and hot… I haven’t figured out which!  I’d bite and send back a few smiles but I think my eldest would be quite upset with me if I showed up with a fellow just a few years older than she is but OMG wouldn’t that be hilarious!!!  Instead, I changed my dating criteria to start looking for men who now live within 200 miles of my home rather than just 50 and I’m no longer picky about how tall they are, if they dress funny or whether or not they have a job.

Plan E… Cleaned my room and my bathroom.  Vacuumed.  Dusted.  Got a little grossed out by the globs of toothpaste in the children’s bathroom and not really sure who hides cheese string packages behind the toilet.  Changed over the laundry.  Hung a few more Christmas decorations.  Decided not to turn on the lights outside ’cause when my ex moved out I got all caught up in David Cook’s “Leave a Light On” song sure that he’d eventually come back but all it did was leave me with a big power bill and a worn out bulb.  Besides, the tree in front of my house was accidentally decorated to look like a sailboat when really I only wanted it to look “whimsical”.  Once my hip feels better I’m climbing the ladder, grabbing a few of those strands and sticking them elsewhere.

Plan F… Logged onto Facebook and made a comment to someone I don’t know that well and he didn’t respond even though I thought I was quite funny which got me thinking that my sarcasm doesn’t always work online or in texts and maybe it comes across as nasty not ironic.  Then again, if one of my facebook friends doesn’t know me that well then maybe they shouldn’t be my facebook friend!  So I took a look at my friend list and deleted some of the people who don’t “get” me but didn’t delete the person I originally made the comment to cause he’s single.  And… for the record… if you’re reading this I’m not talking about you cause I actually made two comments and neither one of you responded.

Plan G… Took a bath and put on my red flannel jammies as it was 9:15 and I had to face the realization that no one was phoning with a sudden invitation to head out for some entertainment.  I seriously contemplated getting dressed and heading downtown all by myself as there must be some way to pretend that you’re just passing through the place to meet a friend and sit and have a drink without people thinking you’re all desperate being in a bar all by yourself on a Thursday night when you should be watching tv and ordering a donair (which by the way I did).  I checked my email one last time but nothing there except a heartwarming email from a woman whose son played football in high school who’d read yesterday’s post… her heart going out to the MacNeil family.  It got me thinking about how much I enjoyed football when I was in high school and how much I loved the Quarterback of Halifax West’s great Warriors and how very, very thankful I am that after all these years I still can honestly say that we’re still such wonderful friends and if you’re reading this it was reallly great talking to you the other night and I couldn’t imagine facing the pain that DJ’s friends are facing right now.  And I think you were my Plan A.

Plan H… Curled up on the couch with my “Nanny” blanket which is an awesome blanket my Nanny knit for me a number of years ago and I use to curl up in when I’m feeling all “Nanny” which I’ve really been feeling a lot lately.  Turned on the tv to watch Greys when my dog, realizing I was getting all curled up and cuddly in the blanket, came up and laid down on the couch with me which made me a little less lonely but unfortunately made it quite difficult to reach for my wine glass and then I was thinking I was drinking alone but really I wasn’t cause I was drinking with Meredith.  Who by the way is getting on my nerves cause she thinks she knows her friend better than anyone else but sometimes you think you know who someone is and it turns out they’re not the friend you thought they were.  And by the end of the show all I wanted to do was go fishing cause I’ve never caught a half decent fish.

Plan I… After I woke up on the couch, I turned off all the lights and turned off the tv and went to bed scrubbing my face with the fabulous cleanser that Prada dropped by this week that leaves you laying in your bed smelling all yummy and feeling all smooth.  I was happy my room was clean and my sheets were all cozy and it turns out that it was a really good night and I probably could have used a relaxing night at home anyway cause next weekend the holiday parties all start up and I’m really busy on Saturday night but have nothing on Friday night so if you’re not too busy… give me a call… cause I’m not doing this again.

And I’ve gotta come up with a better Plan.

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