Finding mr. wonderful…

I didn’t open my online dating site for a few weeks so this week, with a bit of extra time on my hands, I logged in and fired around a few “smiles” to a few frogs who caught my attention.

Online dating is proving to be a very strange place with mostly strange people. I tend to want the “perfect for me” man to suddenly hop out of thin air. No meeting for coffee…no dinner and drinks…just a “yoo hoo I’m here” and a plop right down on my sofa.

No wait…in the driveway. Yeah…with a shovel in his hand! No…in the kitchen…cooking supper. Pouring a glass of wine! THAT would be perfect!  

It’s like I don’t have it in me to do that whole thing I did in my twenties all over again. While some might find it a lot of fun to date multiple people and sow those wild oats again, I’m not feelin’ it. I want someone to just show up, be perfect and blend in with the scenery…treat me like the queen that I am…shower me with attention and affection…be wonderful with my kids and dog…love my family and friends. Suddenly appear and fit in like he was always meant to be here and totally accepted by everyone I love.

I’m starting to believe that’s why some women take other women’s husbands. It’s easier. No effort. You know the guy, he knows you, you have the same friends and like a lot of the same things…you’ve known each other through the years so first impression aren’t important…you’ve had social gatherings and attended children’s activities so hell…why not take what someone else has. Easy!

Oh yeah…nope, never mind…that’s WRONG!!! So…so wrong!

It’s work to get out there, put yourself in the game, find what you’re looking for, get through a few rough ones, face a bit of rejection…find the person who suits you. It’s easy to take someone else’s happiness…much harder to find your own.

The problem is, there’s not a whole lot of single men out there so I’m tempted to start looking at marriages on shaky grounds!

Alright I wouldn’t…you know me better than that!

All I have to say is if one of my friends were to say…I don’t know…be in some freak accident where no one can really tell what happened or pin it on the lone single woman in the neighbourhood…I call dibs on the husband!

OK…I wouldn’t do that either! (But for the record I’d be really good to their kids and you can count on me to be a fabulous mom and amazing partner and really…isn’t that what they’d want…for their kids to be happy and me to be happy? Isn’t it?)

Fine, I’m logging back in. Sending a few more smiles. I’m pretty content with the way life is going right now but I’ve a chance to find Mr. Wonderful.  Even better…Mr. Wonderful has a chance to find me!