The day she was born I knew an angel had come into my life.  I couldn’t stop admiring her precious features. The grasp of her tiny hand to mine. I spent the first night staring at this little being. My little being.

I’ve thought of that day so many times…yet today…these words were spoken by a mother who laid her daughter to rest and for a moment…I felt her her pain.

Heather Jellicoe was beautiful. Had everything before her. The world at her fingertips and yet…she didn’t know it was hers to hold. For the number of people who loved and cherished her…she still couldn’t see clear of the things that tore her soul. She was bigger than life…bigger than the world that tried to contain her…and sadly…bigger than she would ever come to know.

The sweet pictures of a normal family raising a beanie baby collecting, tutu wearing, joyful little girl were painful to see as the same photos reside in my own family albums. Siblings in front of the Christmas tree….carved pumpkins…birthday cakes…sports awards…built snowmen…friendships…family vacations. One picture after the next of images that could so easily be taken from my own life’s album with my cherished, exasperating, always late, little girl.

I cannot begin to know what this mother feels yet my heart aches as I begin to imagine. And the imagining is hell.

As her mother so eloquently and graciously asked today.. reach out to those who need you. Ask for help. Offer help. Be there. You never know whose life you’re changing…who needs you…what kindness can do to a person in need.

An angel was born. Her spirit immediately known. Her grace, her laughter, her wisdom, her love…admired by those who adored her. She will live on in those who took the time to hold her hand and peer inside.

Peacefully rest beautiful girl…you won’t be forgotten.