It’s a new year….

I could say a lot to sum up this year but rather than typing a big ol’ “What I did in 2010” post, I thought I’d say it through Facebook status updates (or at least a small portion of them!) The following is 2010 in review…here’s hoping 2011 will bring a few more laughs and many more adventures!

“Ladies’ Tea at my place this afternoon!  OK…we ain’t ladies…and it’s more like coffee and Baileys…but you’re all welcome!”

“Not quite sure how many kids I’m supposed to be watching toboggan outside…oh well!”

“Dusting, sweeping, laundering, wiping, mopping, washing, singing, laughing.”

“Mad as a hatter…and that’s pretty freakin’ mad!”

“Ripping apart one of the gardens to make room for a “kitchen garden”…have no idea what I’m doing.”

“Not really sure what to think!  When Noah saw my workout DVD today and asked if I’d been working out…and I said yes…his response was ‘You close the curtain’s right?'”

“In search of a painter…plumber, fireman, policeman, electrician…whatever!”

“Waiting for Gib’s curtains to open so we could all say good morning…been a lonely week while she’s been in Cuba and Prada’s in Cuba and Mom and Dad are in Newfoundland…seriously people…time it better next year!”

“Trying to figure out the steps to the Potty Dance.”

“Seems a lot of flights are being grounded from the big Ash hole!”

“Having lunch at Home Depot. Who has lunch at Home Depot?”

“Set up bird feeders that have been in the garage since we moved in!”

“Smile and wave…just smile and wave…”

“Eating a chocolate bar while watching the Biggest Loser!”

“Watching my eldest perform in A Chorus Line! Proud momma moment!!!”

“Need to get out of these pyjamas. Can’t go to baseball like this.”


“Watching boy tie girl’s shoe so they can go out to play basketball faster…wow!!!”

“Engine light came on as I was nearing Robie Street. I think the boys at O’Regans installed a Homing Device!”

“Gib said ‘her’ shoes were like Daisy Ducks.”

“Absolutely refreshed and exhausted at the same time…great weekend with my girls.”

“Meg just got a black eye at baseball. Meg doesn’t play baseball.”

“Great day for a prom!”

“Stuffed in a pair of Spanx like a sausage in its skin!”

“Started crying at Pomp and Circumstance. We’re at letter M now…no end in sight to the tears!”

“All alone.”

“Feeling a little thirsty…actually feeling REALLY thirsty.”

“Drinkin’ a cooler watchin’ my babes in the pool at Mountain Gap. Starting to get used to this “new normal” as my boy would say.”

“Day four of not hearing from my youngest at horse camp!”

“Need more single friends!”

“Trying to convince Little-One not to bring coffee into the church.”

“Lower Deck then Bitter End.”

“Big Mac and a Coke.”

“Feeding chickens, eating pie, watching hummingbirds, heading to Summerville.”

“Horse poop is my friend. Horse poop is my friend.”

“When you suck at Geography AND have never driven to PEI on your own before…DON’T follow the PEI signs. Currently taking a ferry NOT a bridge.”

“At any given time I have three of the seven dwarfs with me!”

“My sense of direction is about as good as my sense of common.”

“Sandspit…GRRRRR…makes me want to spit sand.”

“Why do all amusement parks play country music?”

“Hiding in my bedroom. Hoping they won’t think to look in here!”

“Maskwa for the afternoon…then filling my kids worth of two weeks of kisses to last them while they’re away!”

“Hopping Penguins at the Shoreclub!!!”

“Five hundred bucks…my dog has an infection from a raccoon attack!!!”

“Missing my people!”

“Surrounded by so many wonderful friends!”

“One week down…Chester tonight.”

“AWESOME time at Raceweek!”

“Nellys” (Same status update this year at least a dozen times… Thanks Joe for all the fun!!!!!)

“Kids in the house!”

“Watched my youngest fall off a horse TWICE tonight! Not once. TWICE. And each time…I watched her get back on. She’s in a warm bath with Epsum Salts at the moment…sore tomorrow…proud of herself tonight.”

“Left eye has been twitching for hours.”

“Stuck between a rock.”

“Not ready for the kids to go back.  Beach today!!!  Pretending it isn’t happening.”

“Not going to wear pants today.”

“Windows are closed… me and the dog settled in for the night… hatches are battened… air smells funny… storm is a brewin’… I’ll call you if I’m scared.”

“Kid almost packed…hurricane almost gone.”

“Which way is Antigonish?”

“Had two pop tarts and a coors light for supper!”

“Fighting with ants…something else I gotta boot out of my house!!!”

“Eye is twitching again…”

“Sadly, 100% of divorces began with a marriage.”

“Kinda missing the tall lanky blond.”

“Pneumonia again…different lung this time though. Meds…rest…plenty of fluids. Hence, drinks at my house this afternoon but only if we put our feet up!”

“Best part about being single…new pink flowered bedding!!”

“Really didn’t see that pile of horse crap before I stepped in it.”

“As quoted by Crazy, “What are you chipper for? What do you have to be happy about?””

“Packing up to stay in a cottage all by myself! Hockey tourny here I come!”

“Wishing I could trade an ovary for a liver.”

“Pretty sure every muscle on my right side is pulled.”

“Oh my hip…”

“In need of a boy to help put up Christmas lights. Any takers?”

“Today could have been a lot worse.”

“My ex arrived to pick up the kids just as the power went out. Coincidence? I think not!”

“Damn hip…can’t fight through it anymore…putting my name on a list for a home.”

“The Christmas lights in front of the house were inadvertently strung to resemble a freakin’ sailboat!”

“Thrilled to be able to finally shave my moustache.”

“Wondering if someone wants to sit around the house drinking rum and coke while I decorate for the holidays?”

“Just spilled crazy glue on my pointer finger and now I can commit crimes without fingerprints…. hmmmmmm… whatcha doin’ later?”

“Considering hiding Christmas presents in the dishwasher. Chances are no one will care to look there!”

“Drinkin’ my points.”

“All the kids in the house at once…Christmas has arrived.”

“Sitting here wondering what you’re all getting me for Christmas. I don’t call you my friends for nothin’!”

“Found my Christmas spirit…it was right next to the Bailey’s all along!”

“Looking forward to 2010 being behind me. Here’s hoping 2011 will be better. Happy New Year to all my wonderful friends and family.”