Happy holidays…

The hoopla is over and I’m left with a whack of things that need to find their way back to various rooms, laundry as far as the eye can see, tree guts all over the floor and a kitchen counter that can’t seem to clear.

The living room was full to capacity with presents!  At one point my eldest was neatly tucking the gifts under the tree and in her frustration for space, ripped the bottom branch off the tree with the help of one of my new steak knives.  At this rate of guilt I might have to consider getting a tree with more space on the bottom for the mounds of presents my children receive next year.  What the hell is with that?

They got everything they asked for.

Shouldn’t there be some room for continued “want” after the holidays or am I setting them up for a lifetime of great expectations?

Oh who cares.

We had a fabulous holiday and I hate to see it coming to an end.  I shopped until there was smoke coming from the ATM machine and my debit card is still warm to the touch.  Good thing too… we might have to gather around it when the heat is cut off mid January!  With each and every gift opened my two oldest would look over at me and smile… my youngest still believes in Santa so she plowed through her gifts in the blink of an eye.  I’m considering telling her the difference so I can get a bit of accolades thrown my way.  I’m tired of hearing “Santa always knows just what I want”… no sweetie… your mother does!  And by the way… reindeer can’t fly.

I got a George Forman Grill.

I was a smart alec a few weeks ago and updated my facebook status to “I want an iPad, a big soup pot, a George Forman Grill, an iron, a new hair dryer, a pair of UGG slippers, a pair of BOGGS, a food scale, a shop vac, clothes, jewellery, the new Ken Follett book and some surprises. Not that any one’s asked!”

I got the grill, a hair dryer and a great number of surprises.  My eldest, Gib, CA and Prada stuffed a stocking overflowing with various treasures.  I recieved fabulous presents from my family and monetary treasures as well!  I could buy a few things I’d like (can’t say need as I’m in need of nothing) but I’m considering using the money to pay off the Visa even though I could seriously do with that shop vac.

And a soup pot.

Christmas really was spectacular!  A few days before the big night I “shook my head” and got over the idea of not having my kids for that one evening.  Really… I’m blessed with so many things that it’s hard to complain about one night.  I had great times including dinner at one of my favorite restaurants then drinks with “the boys”… a night out with “the cousins” at one of my favorite pubs… tea with the neighbourhood ladies… various “open houses” with wonderful friends and chowders… lunch with my daughter, her friends and their moms… visits with my Mom, Dad and brother… visits with my in-laws… a great hockey tournament (even if my kid was suspended a few games)… and a fun but odd New Year’s celebration (though admittedly I’ve had a lot worse!)

Tomorrow my eldest will head back to university and the next day the two youngest will head back to school.  I’ve thoughts of un-decorating but think I’ll wait until they’re all back to class… a few extra nights with the tree and mess won’t hurt any of us (even though the tree seems to be browning and curling up on itself!)

Eventually I’ll get everything put away and the tree guts cleaned up… but thankfully… the memories of the last ten days will last a lifetime!

I Hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine.