It’s a new day…

I practically had to drag the kids out of bed yesterday… taking various abusive rantings about how I never have the right breakfast foods followed by the “I’m not feeling well” excuses to stay curled up for one last holiday day.

Somehow they made it and I got through the rantings… smiling brightly in my pyjamas… possibly rubbing salt on their “I can’t believe you get to stay home when we have to go to school” wounds but whatever!

I’ve my own demons to deal with.

The diet is back on!  I knew when I started it before the holidays I might be making a rash decision but in the end… I managed to take off before the holidays more than I put on during the holidays so I’m actually down!  Which, in my opinion. is FANTASTIC!

Currently I have to purge my cupboards of the leftover holiday crap!  It’s pretty tough reaching for a piece of fruit when the Terry’s Chocolate Orange is staring at me from the counter and one of the things I’ve learned lately is that just because it’s shaped like a fruit… doesn’t mean it is a fruit!  Yesterday I whacked then unwrapped my clementine in the hopes I’d psych myself into thinking it tasted like the delicious milk chocolate orange flavoured segments but it didn’t.  So I ate the clementine then finished off the final four pieces of the Terry’s Orange to get rid of it once and for all.

It was taunting me.

By mid morning I got to feeling all guilty and spent most of my day fretting about the damn fruit shaped chocolate.  Finally, by night’s end, I built up my nerve and logged into Weight Watchers while humming Jennifer Hudson’s annoying but catchy “It’s a New Day” song and typing “Terry’s Chocolate Orange” into my points tracker… quite sure the computer would tell me I was a loser.  Guess what?!  Turns out 4 segments of my favorite treat is only 5 points and not only did I get to eat it but I had points to spare!  Suddenly I was rifling through the cupboards seeing what other kind of crap I could get away with but since I only had three points left I cracked myself a celebratory beer!  Light!

It’s feels wonderful to get back to a normal routine… after all… “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me and I’m feelin’ good!”

(Still… I think today I’ll purge the cupboards!)

One Reply to “It’s a new day…”

  1. Good for you Colleen! I'm trying my first serious attempt to loose weight, but it is tough when I still have the Christmas goodies around. It's time to test the willpower! bj