A Giveaway from Mudwraps to Manicures!!!

It’s mid January… the holidays are over and it’s time to put the old feet up and relax before the bills start rolling in!  I’ve a ton of chores not yet finished and tree needles are still making their way into my home.  It would help if I swept the front porch but how could I possibly do that when my feet are up, my energy is low, my skin is dry, my lips are chapped and I’m not in the mood to do anything?

I could do with a massage.  Or a facial.  And since my feet are up… maybe a pedi?

Just a few minutes with the ladies at Mudwraps to Manicures would do me good!  Maybe an hour… all right… I might need an entire day!  (Wonder if I could check myself in for a week?)

Mudwraps is celebrating its 13th Anniversary on Feb 16th and you’re invited.  There’ll be cake and bubbly all day long for clients who stop in… as well… there’ll be draws on spa baskets and the Endermologist will be available for a few hours to talk about various treatments.  On top of that… they’ll be offering 13% off ALL retail and spa products for the day so surely you’ll find something wonderful to help with January’s dry skin and chapped lips!  Oh but it doesn’t stop there… for the entire month of February receive a one hour facial and brow wax for $50!  I’m positive your winter skin will thank you… if not… then definitely your Winter disposition! 

To get things rolling… Mudwraps is offering a Giveaway for the readers of Curtains are Open!!!!  They’ve put together a beautiful GIFT BASKET (value $105) for you to win!

The basket includes Soap Girl Body Scrub and Soap Girl Body Butter Bar, OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener, OPI “Give Me Moor” nail polish, Avoplex Cuticle Pen, Cuticle Oil, SpaRitual Nail File, Professional Nail Clippers, Cucumber Heel Therapy heel lotion along with samples and chocolates!

Here’s how you can win…

  1. Put your feet up.
  2. Go to the Mudwraps to Manicures website.
  3. Read through the list of services and comment on this post about one of the treatments you think sounds interesting, freaky, glorious, too good to be true or holy crap I need that done!!! 
  4. Add your email address and name to the comment so we know how to contact you (if you don’t have a google account, make an “anonymous” comment but provide your contact information so we know who you are!)

In the meantime… I can’t win but I’ve read through the website and I’m booking the February special and getting myself a pedicure… then maybe I’ll sweep the needles off my front porch!


  1. You must be able to pick up your prize basket (or send a friend) to Mudwraps to Manicures, 1083 Bedford Highway Suite 201, Bedford, Nova Scotia.  (Apologies to distant readers but this one is for local folks only!)
  2. The giveaway will be open until Friday, January 21st at midnight (my time!)… so share the information with your friends… unless you don’t want them to win!  
  3. Winner will be chosen using random.org and notified by email. 
  4. Only comments on “A Giveaway from Mudwraps to Manicures!!!” post on “Curtains are Open” are eligible to win… comments on other posts, Facebook or Twitter will not be considered.  Though I still like comments on Facebook and Twitter… oh… and Mudwraps has a Facebook page as well!!  
  5. Only one comment per reader is allowed.  Additional comments will be deleted… possibly ignored… but definitely no counted in the draw. 
  6. And finally… if you’re having trouble making a comment, email me and I’ll help you out… or do it for you… whatever works!!  Oh… and if you don’t want to put your email in your comment… add your name or initials… then email me your address!


Services you dream of in your comments are not included in the giveaway basket!  But make your dreams a reality… and call Mudwraps to Manicures to book your spa treatments today!

Good luck!  And thanks to Mudwraps for a fabulous giveaway!

20 Replies to “A Giveaway from Mudwraps to Manicures!!!”

  1. Holy CRAP I need that done!! First I thought it was the massage as my aching neck/shoulder's and back are aching and have been for about a year. Then I thought I'd like the slimming treatment…will it really work??? Are they going to wire my mouth shut? But really, the body silk scrub sounds absolutely wonderful, relaxing and cleansing. I have about 11 years of cleansing I could use. HOLY CRAP I NEED THAT….but I would be happy with the free gift basket. It is 3 weeks after Xmas and Major Midget Hockey is EXPENSIVE! Plus, it's my birthday month….the gift would be nice! Kim (Queen, is this the correct forum? You know my address, right? )

  2. This is a win win comb….. as I'm already a fan of your blogs (WIN)… and already a customer at Mud Wraps (WIN). I've enjoyed facials… pedi… mani… and massages there. I have a bucket list to someday hopefully try at least one of everything they have to offer. Keep up the great blogs I'm so glad to have met you at the wine tasting and so glad a girlfriend recommended Mud Wraps to me a few years ago. Happy birthday MWTM!

    Barb Hawkins

  3. I am overwhelmed with the choices! The Hot Stone Massage is a must for anyone, but I would love to try the anti aging facial (not that I need it yet).LOL But I think the Famous Mudwrap is the way to go. Sounds amazing!

    1945 Vernon St

  4. Seriously, I could use a bit of everything…..but I must go for a waxing before heading off to Hawaii.
    Ticker….pretty sure you got me addy.

  5. I too could use a little bit of everything! With my sore back, I could use some MAJOR waxing as I haven't been able to reach anything these days. The good news is it's all long enough to wax now! I had the body treatment once with the mudwrap and it was awesome…that is now my favorite!!! Sandi

  6. Just starting back to work, and having 2 small kids and trying to be sucessful on Weight Watchers – I really need the famous mudwrap (aka the slimming wrap). Actually to tell you the truth I could use ANYTHING – as I have never been to a spa at all. Ever. I would love to be pampered. I would love to get away from the kids (I really do love them but….) and just have a relaxing experience. Even the Body Silk Scrub…. or a manicure, pedicure… man I could go on and on! LOL

  7. Well, I would LOVE a spa treatment of any kind. I have had the Body Silk Scrub before and it is FAB! I think if I was to try a different treatment, I would totally go or the "Famous" Mudwrap (of course with the Body Silk Scrub as well). The fact that it is referred to as the "slimming wrap" makes it sound more appealing to me since I am working on 'slimming' myself as well with healthy eating, drinking LOTS of water and actually getting to the gym. : )


  8. Wow , this is a fabulous gift – would love the half hour of relaxing time alone – the tretments would be gravy!

  9. ok, so not sure if I have my head wrapped around it yet, but would def try the milk pedicure… 🙂 It sounds weird, but I'm sure the outcome is amazing.

    Yes I know I'm not a local, but I'll send one of my family minions to collect my prize should I win.

    (you know where to find me)

  10. I always put ‘spa time’ off and never seem to make a point to get ‘spa time’, so this is great – thanks for getting me thinking about it! I think the service I could really benefit from right now is the Yonka Hydrating Facial…
    Thanks! Heather

  11. Sooo, the words slimming and inches lost just sing to me…but perhaps its the thought of actually being wrapped in mud that thrills me. Don't suppose G and I sliding into the creek at Ashburn while sledding Sunday comes even close to the actual Mud Wrap and Mud Wraps huh!!
    It's CA…me thinks you have my contact info huh?

  12. If there is anything that Lisa can do in her salon that would trim the inches off my rear and remove the wrinkles and luggage from under my eyes..then I'M IN!! All of her treatments sound amazing.


  13. I could definitely do with any sort of hydrating facial in this cold winter weather, and I would also have to go for my favourite… a manicure. I'd probably even spring for the Cadillac of Manicures! Thanks for the always entertaining blogs!
    Love, Fetus.

  14. Well I could definitely go for the YonKa Alpha Hydroxy Facial. My face needs a little help with this cold cold weather. I need to take some me time to relax. Love your blog!
    Michelle at oconnor2@ns.sympatico.ca

  15. I want to lose inches!!!!! The Famous Mudwrap sounds too good to be true!!!! I might have to try it!!!

    Debbie Perrin aka Iggy

  16. Hey all… contest is closed and I know who the winner is!!!! I've sent the information along to Mudwraps and will announce it after they've contacted the individual. Thanks Mudwraps for the great basket and for hosting the giveaway! Lots of fun!!!

  17. Damn, I haven't heard from them so I guess it isn't me. Oh well, I'll hold out for the 50/50 Cole Harbour hockey draw today. Surely I'll win that? km

  18. Congrats to Dianne on winning the Mudwraps gift basket! AND… THANKS TO MUDWRAPS for such a great giveaway!!!!