Warp nine…

My boy discovered that if you want to get doctors and nurses all up in arms… pass out while getting a chest xray!

Poor bug woke up Saturday morning stomach sick… choosing not to wake me in fear that I’d pull the rug on his ski trip!  By the time I entered his room to get him going… he was having trouble taking a deep breath and not only did I pull the rug on the ski trip but within minutes we were in the car heading to the IWK.

He was brought in immediately.  Something was up with his ear… something with his chest… a fever… nausea… poor guy was miserable.  An xray was needed to make sure there wasn’t something happening with his lung and during the chest xray… my ill, nauseous and possibly dramatic boy hit the ground.  Passed out.  Suddenly there were cold cloths, wheel chairs, doctors, nurses, warm blankets, pricked fingers, blood work and various machines wheeled into the room… they were all over him like an episode of Grey’s which is ironic as grey was the exact color of his freckle popped face.

Everything was coming up normal and it was determined he’d pulled a muscle while stomach sick making taking a deep breath or coughing difficult.  As well… at the same time… he extended the tube in his ear… causing bleeding and inflammation, the inability to hear from it properly, dizziness and nausea.  Then there’s the fever… and stomach sickness… and all over body aches and misery.  Seems the boy might have the flu… possibly a virus… I’m leaning towards virus as he’s getting better too quickly for it to be the flu.

It was a quiet weekend.  Everything we’d planned… skiing, hockey, tobogganing… fun family weekend… was shut down.  We wore pyjamas.  Ordered pizza.  All of us curled up in the family room watching various movies and playing video and board games while firing pills at the boy to keep his fever in check.  None of us daring to sit anywhere near him but all of us keeping him company… only slightly annoyed that the weekend plans were a bust.

He’s much better today though still running a fever.  Home from school and currently watching TV with the volume turned on Warp 9!  He’s hoping to be back to normal tomorrow… mostly ’cause he wants to go skiing tomorrow evening… but I’m not so sure.  Funny enough he’s the kid who’ll “fake better” before he’ll “fake sick”.

It’s been one of those “tough to be a mom” weekends… while at the same time… it’s been one of those “great to be a mom” weekends.  Sick kid and all.

2 Replies to “Warp nine…”

  1. Ahhhhh…. thanks Michelle! He is feeling quite a bit better. Pretty grouchy about missing all the practice though! See you at the rink!