Pyjama day…

CRAP!  I was caught in my pyjamas when I got the call that Boy needed to come home from school!

First of all… he was feeling much better when he got up this morning.  He still couldn’t hear from his left ear but the dizziness was gone… his rib didn’t hurt… the fever wasn’t there… no more nausea… no more chills.  Staying at home yesterday and a good night sleep was just what the doctor ordered.  He woke up this morning feeling great and from the way he was picking on his sister I’d have sworn he was back to his old self!

Yup… he “faked better” and my “Mom of the Year” trophy has a bit more tarnish on it today!

I’m a home body.  My girlfriends all gather here and know that it’s difficult to get me out at the best of times… but lucky for me… they don’t stop asking.  I guess I just like it here… I’m comfortable here.  I like my house though to be honest with you by the look of the mess around here lately you’d think I never gave a crap!  I’m chalking it up to my inability to bend and walk up and down stairs very well!  Anyway… I digress.

So this morning while the kids were getting ready for school and I was trying to ignore the fighting (which was the reason I believed Boy was better in the first place), Ticker popped in on my facebook chat asking if I wanted to drop over for a cup of tea.  I explained how I was very busy and was trying to come up with a few excuses that would work when she mentioned I could come in my pyjamas.

Well hell… PJ invites to friend’s houses are ALWAYS welcome!

I dropped the kids off and headed over to Tickers where we sat in our jammies in front of the unlit fireplace and had a lovely chat while sipping our tea.

(By the way… Ticker’s TV is over her mantle and it’s not centered.  Her wonderful husband installed it but I’m not sure what was going on with his measuring tape while scratching the “install television over fireplace” chore from his “Honey Do List” as it’s not lined up with anything!  He’s this great IT guy but I’m thinking he needs a little lesson in justification… center justification.  Anyway… I’m saying all this cause Ticker probably wouldn’t bother her husband with such details but I know he reads my blog on occasion and thought I’d help her out!  Derek… for God’s sake center the flat screen over the fireplace!!!)

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  So there we were… having a lovely conversation at Ticker’s place when I get the phone call that Boy can’t take the heat.  Seriously… he’s in a total sweat up at the school… his ear hurts… his chest is all sore again… he feels like crap.  Momma was right all along and Boy must come home.

Did I mention I was in my pyjamas?  (And not pyjamas like you could get away with either…. not that you could get away with wearing pyjamas in public as I saw a woman at Sobeys the other day wearing a pair of light blue PJ pants with snowflakes on them… pushing her cart through the produce aisles.  So not cool!  Besides… snowflakes belong in the freezer aisle.)  My pyjamas were red flannel bottoms with little Scottie dogs on them but I wasn’t wearing a pyjama shirt as I’m not a fan of pyjama shirts so instead was wearing an X sweatshirt so admittedly I didn’t look entirely ridiculous!!!  Except for maybe my slippers.  And… well… who wears a bra to bed anyway?

There I was… holding the phone… staring at my outfit and well the thing is… Ticker lives directly across from the school and I could see it out her front window… but… well… you have to go into the office to sign out your sick kid and well… Boy would kill me!!!!

Can you imagine having to live down the day your mom showed up at the Junior High school in her red flannel jammies?!  Bad enough they’re trying to get over their mother falling in the school’s front porch ripping her hip flexors all to pieces (which by the way was two months ago and I’m still miserable and I totally blame the mess in my house on my inability to bend and… this conversation just goes full circle doesn’t it?)

Anyway… me… pyjamas… phone call… Boy’s reputation.  I did what every mother would do under such circumstances.

I sent my Dad.

(Thanks Dad.  I really appreciate it.  But more than anything… Boy doesn’t realize it right now… but he’s eternally grateful for everything you and Mom do for him!)

We’re at home now… curled up on the couch in our PJs with the fireplace lit and thinking about putting the flatscreen on top of the mantle.  (Pretty sure I won’t ask Ticker’s husband to help.)

Drop over if you’d like a cup of tea!

Jammies required.

7 Replies to “Pyjama day…”

  1. Ahahhahaha!!! I love when I'm in the Blog….I feel like a celebrity!! Great chat this morning.

  2. Ooh, a mention! I'm a celebrity too!

    It's well known that the flat-panel TV's natural habitat is in front of the La-Z-Man's La-Z-Boy. That this particular TV is instead in the wife's preferred spot is surely worthy of praise, rather than a shared laugh at my y-chromosome encumbered uselessness.

    Besides, if it had been perfect, I'd have run the risk of of the wife volunteering me to go mount her friends'. And that's a conversation fraught with peril. One dropped apostrophe, and we wind up in councilling. Not worth it.

    Where's my nickname?

  3. OMG BOB that was funny. I love your response. I see where Colleen gets her humor and writing skills from 🙂
    Little One..

    and Colleen, when did Ticker move across the street from the school?

  4. OMG Little-One… that was Ticker's husband responding!!! Though I do admit I've loved sparring with his writing skills many times in the past!

  5. Love this blog and the comments! Ticker's husband's response cracked me up!!! Thanks.

  6. Too funny!! I know my "girl" would have been mortified if I walked into school in jammies! She doesn't even let me post on her facebook. BJ