Do not call…

What the hell is going on with the telemarketing calls I’m getting lately?  I haven’t had this many for as long as I can remember which makes me think my name has gotten on some crap list somewhere.

There’s Bell… phoning me to offer me a “New Customer” deal with a free Blackberry… and here’s the thing… I’m already a customer!  I have a Blackberry with them… in fact… I have my TV and Internet with them as well!  They already have my business and they’re trying to get my business for THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW AND ONCE LAST WEEK!  Tonight I yelled at the poor minimum-waged boy just trying to make a living telling him if he phoned one more time I was cancelling all of my accounts!

I also received a “Farm Industry” call tonight.  Farmers apparently want to bring their products directly to homes rather than through the supermarkets.  I don’t know what it’s about.  I wasn’t in the mood to listen to the entire explanation of how they’re going to “bring the beef to me” as after almost accepting a “free trip” a few months ago I’m half afraid I’ll end up with a cow in my backyard.  I’m sure I could learn something but I received the phone call about the cow right after I got the call from Bell… and no… the irony of cow bell wasn’t lost on me.

Speaking of the infamous “you just won a trip press one” to redeem your prize phone calls I’m sick of them.  They’re annoying but frankly not near as annoying as the “May I speak with Mr. X” phone calls I get.  NO!  YOU CAN’T!  HE DOESN’T LIVE HERE!


You know the worst part it all?  Your phone rings, you pick up the receiver then say “Hello”, followed by “Hello?”… “HELL-LOOO?!” and then you hear a phone cut in.  I’m being called by a computer and the person on the other end acts all surprised that they’re calling me.  “Oh… uhhhh… Hello?”  Did you say “Hello?”… with a question mark?   ‘Cause you just called me so why is the beginning of this conversation so awkward when you’re the one placing the call?  Here’s how this ringy dingy thing works… when the phone rings I’ll say hello… then you tell me who you’re looking for… not the other way around.  You phoned me… you’re annoying me.  Now spit it out… what do you want?

My freakin’ hip hurts and with each and every damn phone call I get I have to move.  Moving hurts.  I’m all too happy when it’s a friend or my mom but when someone wants me to answer a survey on the cleaning products I use I’m not in the mood.  Throw in the fact I’ve a portable phone with a battery that doesn’t last and I’m about ready to pull my hair out!  Plus I want chocolate.  Why isn’t anyone phoning offering chocolate?

I added my phone number to the National Do Not Call List tonight.

Don’t call unless you’re offering chocolate.

5 Replies to “Do not call…”

  1. Thank you for the laugh and for the link to register!! I'm working up the nerve to just put the phone down and let the caller wait for me to pick it back up! TH

  2. I've done that, Anonymous:)

    I've also answered surveys and had some fun with it… when I have time and have had my chocolate fix.

  3. OMG! I hate those calls!!! Derek had a fight with eastlink the other night, the guy was trying to sell us products that we already have but wouldn't leave his script even after Derek told him 4 times that we were already customers! Finally Derek just hung up. Very annoying!

  4. Once I said to an annoying caller as he called during supper….."could you hold on a minute?"…..and I set down the phone until we were finished eating.

    They weren't waiting when I came back to the phone. Hee hee. I know that's mean but I was so sick of the aggressiveness!