Snow devils…

As a kid there was nothing better than a snow day.  Playing outside with your neighbourhood friends until your fingers were so cold you thought they’d crack.  Unable to take it anymore you’d head into the house where your mom would kiss your frozen cheeks… the warmth of her kiss lasting long enough to remove your snow covered skidoo suit, muck lucks and wet socks.  She’d greet you with a cup of hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies… lovingly made… with mini marshmallows.

There’s nothing better… but unfortunately… that’s NOT what happened today!

Instead… I have two cooped up kids who couldn’t go to school this morning because the roads were icy and dangerous… this dire situation only lasting temporarily until the rain started.  Rumor has it things are going to freeze again later and more snow will be added to the mix… but for now it’s just rain. Seriously… while I understand it was slippery this morning… it seems the kids have stayed home for a “rain day”.

No snow angels around this house!

Don’t get me wrong… they were all excited when the day got started and realized they could sleep in. However, my boy wasn’t exactly thrilled to be kicked out of bed after calling out to him multiple times to put the garbage out. He did so begrudgingly but at least shovelled the driveway while he was out there… soaked when he came in he deposited the various layers of clothing inside-out on the newly washed hall floor for me to launder… and then apparently re-wash the floor.

The youngest played happily by herself for most of the morning until boredom set in and the fact that we seem to have “nothing to eat” in the pantry even though I spent a few hundred dollars on groceries this week is surely the cause of her annoyance.

It didn’t take long before there were two TVs blaring in two separate rooms on two separate floors as they can’t seem to pick a show they’d like to watch together let alone be in the same vacinity.

This afternoon I needed to go to a meeting… but thinking they might kill each other if left alone… I cancelled.

After a “boring” snowday where they couldn’t go out an play, they decided to cooperate and play a game together on the PS3… Little Big Planet… a sweet little game where “sack people” work their way through various challenges to get to the next level. Quite enjoyable under normal circumstances, except that my two started screaming and hollering and the damn sack characters were beating each other over the head with frying pans, tripping each other with strings from helium balloons and driving over one another in their little sack cars.  I couldn’t take the yelling and fighting any longer and made them turn off the game.

They’re heading to their fathers overnight and for the first time EVER in two years I’m actually anticipating a moment of silence!

And a Hot Chocolate.

With Baileys.

Stupid Rain Day!

3 Replies to “Snow devils…”

  1. Enjoy the quiet.You deserve it.
    I'm of the opinion that the schools are closed much too often.

  2. I will be over later as we have much to discuss…..If crazy and gibby read this come over too

  3. I'm in the need of knowing who anonymous is and what's the discussion.
    Little one.