Time of my life…

 The plan was to write a post about my amazing weekend away with a boy!!!  The lovely suite at the hotel… the restaurants… the adventure and fun.

Reality is… I went to my son’s hockey tournament in the ever famous “what the heck is wrong with posting signs so people know where they’re going” Prince Edward Island.  For the record… I wasn’t driving this time… so we took the bridge!

It was a great weekend.  Some prime one-on-one time with my boy if you forget the fact that seventeen hyped up pre-pubescent animals were running in and out of my room playing video games and dancing to crazy mashed up songs of my youth that we considered music but they consider funk just by the addition of repetitive sounds, an instrumental pause and the words “dirty bit”.

Not sure I’ll get that out of my head nor the burst of Barry Manilow sang over a few beers later that night… though I’m pretty sure they won’t figure a way to wreck Manilow.

I write the songs that make the whole world sing.
I write the songs of love and special things.
Things things things things thin-thin-thin-thin-thin-thin things.

Dirty bit.

They jumped on the beds.  Shot mini-sticks in the halls.  Raced up and down the stairs.  Played hide and seek through the hotel that was thankfully packed with like minded teams all there for the same tournament.

Repeatedly they pressed every single button on the elevator so this “still have a hard time putting on socks let alone walking multiple flights of stairs” hockey mom could take the dreadfully slow elevator one floor at a time to get to my destination… then pay them all back by pressing every button again before I stepped out the slow opening doors.  Only once getting caught as a maid holding a mop stepped on.

I walked in on a game of “Truth or Dare” as they were pouring cold water into a team mates belly button.  Another had to bite a toe.  And yet another picked up the fruit loops spread throughout my “once clean” suite without using his hands.

The laughter was infectious… and not just from kids but adults gathered at the end of a great day for a meal and a few drinks.  Stories exchanged.  Hockey debated.  Donairs ordered.  Truth or Dare played as one parent after the next challenged each other to do the most push-ups and thankfully not a soul suggested we pour cold water on each others belly buttons.

It was a fabulous weekend away.  In a lovely suite.  Full of adventure and fun.  With a boy.

I had the time of my life.
And I never felt this way before.
And I swear this is true.
And I owe it all to you.

Dirty bit.

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  1. I must Thank you for STICKING DIRTY BIT IN MY HEAD FOR THE LAST 24 HOURS!!!!!……Good thing I like that song. xoxo and oh,…Dirty Bit !