In need of your assistance…

Dear friends of Curtains are Open:
I require your assistance to distribute 2,297,530 posters on the utility poles throughout the Halifax area.  I will supply the posters… and the packing tape to ensure they stay securely attached to the poles.
I have googled NS Power and am unable to determine the amount of poles in the HRM area but NS Power isn’t able to determine when the power will be restored after an outage so I’m not overly surprised.  I did a bit of math and determined that there were 6 poles on my street alone and there are only 12 houses… plus… many streets don’t even have houses… therefore I estimated… and in estimating… used my phone number.
Currently my printer is overheating and I have a feeling I will go through a lot of ink… but I feel it is worth it even if the supplies for this endeavor costs me over $80.  Which we’ve already determined… is a lot of money.
The only thing I do ask is that when you are taping my posters to the poles… you remove any LOST CAT poster you come across… if they are difficult to remove… just put my poster directly over them.  The cats are not actually “lost”.  They are quite happy where they currently reside.
Thanks for your help and continued support.

4 Replies to “In need of your assistance…”

  1. I read this with anxiety thinking you really found a cat…I reverted back to my obsessive compulsive cat rescuing days and was pleasantly surprised it was a joke….thats the second time you did this to me, the last one was the starbucks/little boy blog…'re friggin hilarious!!! Love when I dont see it coming.


  2. Jesus, I didnt see the blog before this one…..did you find a frickin lost cat???? Im not reading.