Lost cat…

This online dating site is messing with me!  Thing is… it didn’t work.  I sent smiles to folks who I thought had interesting profiles (and let’s face it were good looking) and on the odd occasion I got a smile in return.  I even chatted with a few guys but with the exception of one feller I spoke to a few times… meh… not much peeked my interest… mostly because many of them were married!!!

At first I chose to keep my picture hidden.  Men would take an interest in my lighthearted profile (and by lighthearted I mean sarcastic) and they’d send me a note… eventually ask for my “backstage pass”… then run for the hills with a “this isn’t going to work out” or “good luck in your search” comment!  I’m not sure what they were seeing but I’m a good lookin’, funny, charming lady! Seriously… I’m starting to see green ogre skin when I look in the mirror and are those horns coming out of my temples?

After much internal debate I decided NOT to renew my subscription.  (Actually, I joined a different site!)  Yesterday was the last day for my account and guess what happened overnight?  The most HANDSOME man I have seen in FOREVER with a profile that SUITS ME TO A TEE sends me a smile.  Apparently he “likes that I know what I’m looking for” and GUESS WHAT??!!  My picture isn’t hidden anymore so he saw me… green ogre skin, horns and all!  And the problem with this… I don’t have an account anymore and I’ve no way of responding to him!!!!

Let me clarify something… when I say HANDSOME… what I mean is his picture looks like it came with the frame!  Big old smile… dimples… hair… 48… 6’1″…and lives nearby.  Better than that… he’s down to earth, stable, loves to read and relax by the fire, he rides horses and likes weekend getaways!  Crap I could do with a weekend getaway… hell… I could do with someone who reads!  He’s looking for someone quick witted, of strong character who takes control of situations, is honest, intelligent, kind compassionate, charming, loves her family, is creative yet grounded, spontaneous yet organized!

HERE I AM!!!!  Yoooo…. hoooooooo!!!!

Seriously… if I wasn’t concerned for his privacy I’d steal his picture and make WANTED signs to tack on the utility poles next to the multitude of LOST CAT posters!

I think the site made him up.  I don’t think he exists.  It’s a figment of my imagination and a marketing ploy to get me to join up again!!!!!!!


WHAT IF HE’S THE ONE!  He sounds too good to be true but the thing is… he could be the Yin to my Yang… the spark to my flame… the peanut butter to my toast… the apple sauce to my pork chop.  Hell… he could be my lobster!!!!

Years from now we could be sitting on the wrap around porch overlooking the lake at our cottage laughing and reminiscing how we almost lost our connection but for my willingness to spend another eighty bucks!  Is he worth eighty bucks?  Surely to God he’s worth the money but what if it’s another marketing ploy I’m falling into!

If it’s meant to be he’ll find me… and if he doesn’t… I’m keeping these cats!  I don’t care if people are posting signs saying how much they’re missing Ginger and Mittens… Boots and Pepper.  I’m done feeling guilty every time I pass by a sign that says “If found please call!” or “Answers to the name Pssst Pssst” or the tug at your heart strings “Owner is heartbroken!” and “Please help us find our lttile girl’s best buddy.”  I don’t care anymore. They’re all mine!

WANTED… hot guy on dating site.  Owner is heartbroken.  If found please call.

2 Replies to “Lost cat…”

  1. Is there no other way to contact him? Find him on another site? If not, I say spend the $80 bucks. It's karma….even if it's not him, you can't pass the opportunity. Maybe it's someone else. What's $80…a few drinks downtown some night. GO FOR IT ! Kim

  2. I think it's a ploy to get you to resubscribe..don't fall for it,Colleen,maybe try another site?