I love U 2…

We headed to the ski hill today for another adventure. Two days ago I headed down this path and made it without issue… not a sign missed. However, today I drove right past the exit!

“It’s PEI all over again” the kids jokingly reminded me. “You should look for the Martock Bridge… it’s next to the Martock ferry!”  Ridiculous, uncontrollable giggling.

I circled back and the ride through Windsor made their ribbing worthwhile as passing a convenience store my son spotted a sign that said “U 2 tickets here”.

“What’s that mean?” he asks.
“Ummmm… they’re selling U2 tickets at the convenience store?” I answer quizzically.
“That makes no sense” he says.
“What makes no sense?”
“Any of it!”

Hmmmm…. not sure what the boy was getting at. Is he looking for the sign to say “You can buy tickets here.” How about, “You can buy tickets here as well as other conveniences.” How’s “You and everyone you know are able to shop here to buy toilet paper, cigarettes, Red Bull and various other conveniences not to mention tickets for the U2 concert in July!!!” My once grammatically challenged boy is missing the point and looking for the sign to make sense!

“U2… the band” I explain.
“Oh… what’s U2? “
“You’re kidding me right?”
“Don’t look at me like I’m saying something weird. It’s not like they’re popular… I’ve never heard of them. It doesn’t say ‘JB tickets here.’”

OK… I’ll admit… I’m not a big U2 fan and probably haven’t played their music too often in the house… tossed aside for The Police or Zeppelin or for that matter top ten radio crap… but come on. He’s 12! Never heard of U2? What the heck have I done?

“Seriously Boy. You must know this one.”  (At this point you should picture me singing a very bad rendition of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”… and don’t get lost in the irony… both in the fact that I missed the exit to the hill and well… I’m SINGLE! )

“Nope. Never heard of them.”
“How about Bono?” I proclaim.
“No… Bono”.
“Stupid name… nope… never heard of them”.

Alrighty then.  I’ll play a little U2 when we get home… in the meantime we’re heading to the hill… it’s a Beautiful Day.

U2 will be playing Magnetic Hill on July 30th.  Tickets are available through Ticket Master