Matt Mays…

My girlfriend and I headed to Celebration Square (otherwise known as Parade Square) to catch one of the week’s free concerts.

Who’d have dreamt a night of standing in the mud soaked grass would be so entertaining… or that the coat my parents bought me for Christmas would be so warm.. or that a vendor would hand out delicious coffee mixed with maple syrup, whipped cream and peanuts… or I’d reach in my pocket and delight in finding a pack of “Hot Paws Hand Warmers” that my friend had never seen before and due to their warmth and timing has elevated me from a casual “let’s get together now and then for a drink” friend to a “you’re my very best friend in the world” friend!

Forget the fact that the last swallow of coffee was filled with peanut chunks reminding me of the sludge left in the bottom of a glass from my “it doesn’t do a really great job but I don’t have the money to replace it” dishwasher… or that my toes turned into ice chunks and I greatly feared someone stepping on them causing breakage… or the fur from my coat’s hood was sticking to my peach glossed lips… or the fact that I even chose to wear peach gloss in the first place.  The music heated me from the inside in a way the Hot Paws never could.

Christina Martin opened.  Adorable, lovely and with a voice to soothe the soul.  She had the crowd in the mood in no time… warmed up and waiting for the feature act to the point that when hometown musician Matt Mays hit the stage, the clapping roar from the excited crowd was so loud it was almost unbearable.  (OK.. it would have been unbearable but for the muffled mitten clapping… but seriously had everyone taken off their mittens at once it would have been loud!)

Matt performed one song after the next without seeming to mind the cool night… the fur hat covering his unruly hair making him even more handsome if such is possible.  The crowd swayed back and forth, singing the beautiful songs while the scent of illegal substances mixed with the chill in the air.  Opening with “Queen of Portland Street” and eventually playing my favorite “Tavellin'”, Matt kept the family friendly crowd captivated from beginning to end and wanting more.

Once over, we headed to The Carleton for a drink (where Matt can often be found performing) and I met a few of the folks from Sonic Entertainment… management for Matt Mays, Hey Rosetta! and Great Big Sea… all performing at this week’s free concert lineup.  The table of execs were all smiles in what I can only assume was due to the successful event… or that new fans were formed that night… or the drinks and snacks at the table… or the fact their feet were defrosting. One can’t be too sure.

I highly suggest you head to Celebration Square to check out some of the amazing entertainment.  I missed SLOAN the other night (mainly ’cause it was far too cold for this fair weather concert goer) but I did send them twitter message inviting them to come to my place for hot chocolate when they were done.  I heard the show was fantastic.. and I waited up with the fire lit and mini marshmallows on hand… but alas they didn’t show.  I got a bone to pick with you Murph!

Don’t miss the fabulous lineup of entertainment including Great Big Sea on Saturday night!  It’s sure to be another amazing show.

(And don’t forget your Hot Paws!)