Hw can I blg like this…

MG!  Seriusly.  I’m missing a very imprtant letter n my keybard and I’ll leave it t yu t figure ut which ne it is!

Last night, while lying in bed checking ut what was ging n n the internet, my cmputer suddenly turned ff.  I turned it back n… and the damn thing shut ff again within minutes.  Turned it n again… BLUE SCREEN!  Fatal Errr.

Here’s the thing… I’m sftware smart… but when it cmes t the actual internal wrkings f a cmputer… I’m an idit… a ttal mrn.  I culdn’t fix ne if my life depended n it.  S…. this mrning I headed t PC Medic where my belved laptp is sitting in the emergency department awaiting fixing… and I’m lst withut it.

Thing is, I’m buying a Mac this summer.  PC girl here is biting the bullet… nly because I dn’t have a chice as it’s needed fr Graphic Design.  But until that happens… I want my cmputer fixed… and even after I buy ne, the ld laptp will be used fr the kids… fr their schlwrk and prjects!

My laptp will replace the ne they use right nw.  That’s missing an essential letter.

I’ll let yu figure ut which ne it is.

I need an .

4 Replies to “Hw can I blg like this…”

  1. Hilarious!!!! You should write a blog a month without a letter. It was fun to read, a little challenge never hurt anyone!