I embraced the idea of crocs long before most… then quickly changed my mind as their popularity grew to astonishing rates and I couldn’t see fit to wear the same shoes as a two year old!

(Mind you… I’m never giving up my converse!)

The crocs… well… my kids got me a pair for Mother’s Day many years back.  Bright turquoise… meant to be worn as GARDENING SHOES!  Never to be worn in public!

The other day I nearly threw them out during my Spring Cleaning purge but couldn’t bring myself to tossing them as there’s something rather endearing about those holey, light weight, rubberish shoes.  Chances are it’s the jibbits… a diamond and a crown!

They seriously are pretty good for working around the yard… well… with the exception of the holes!  There’s nothing worse than mud and dirt seeping in through the shoes… making a mess of your Spring pedicure!  Once, while gardening, I stepped in a pile of dog crap and stood there laughing like a total moron as there I was, suddenly faced with the realization that I was standing in a croc of shit!

It wouldn’t be the last time I’d find myself in the same situation either!

Some days life is just funny and I’m left laughing all by myself with no one to share in the joy of the ridiculous joke.  Like the other day… when I stood in the sports store and marvelled at the pair of crocs designed to resemble men’s dress shoes!

Seriously… who wears dress shoes to garden?