A little t-shirt just for you…

My girlfriend Ticker called me to tell me she loved my store and that she was buying a shirt. 

I laughed.

We also talked about politics, religion and sex… but mostly that she was going to buy a shirt.

That got me thinking. Seriously? My friends want to buy these things? So… based on the fact I might be seen with them in public wearing clothing I design, I thought I should put a bit more effort into it (even though I do think my idea of someone wearing a “Follow Me” shirt is brilliant!)

Anyway… I thought about making shirts for each of them.  You know… one that says Gib, one for Prada, Crazy, Little-One, CA, Ticker, Red… my Tweeps.  Thing is… no one else would buy them and really… would Prada seriously wear a shirt that said Prada if it wasn’t really Prada? 

Is there even such a thing as a Prada shirt?

Oh my God I should make a Prada bag!!!!

Anyway… it got me thinking about a funny design for a shirt and then I got to thinking how all of my friends are skinny and then I started to get a little annoyed about how they wear these “little” t-shirts and say things like “those capris would be sweet with a little cardigan” or “you just need a little white tee to wear with those cut off denim super-mini shorts”.  And then I thought… hell… if I have a muffin top… why shouldn’t they?

So… I made them “Muffin Tops”.

Check them out at my Zazzle Store.

You’re all welcome!

PS… I drew the muffin myself.

PPS… Those are chocolate chips!