I’ve always been drawn to female singers.  The thing is… I aspire to be like them.

I picture myself secretly learning to play guitar and stepping onto the stage of a dimly lit, seedy, smoky, rum scented bar… blowing everyone away with my raw yet brilliant voice.

I’m just that good.

Seriously… throw an Amanda Marshall, Sarah McLachlan, Jann Arden, Joss Stone or Melissa Etheridge CD in my car and send me down the highway and HOLY CRAP it’s AMAZING!  Sometimes I’m so good I have to put the song back to the beginning and start all over again… fantasizing about the looks on each of your faces as you hear such brilliance and in some cases recognize yourself in the words I’m singing… for once, understanding where I come from.

I have songs for each of you.

Don’t ever ask me to sing for you or go to karaoke night as I’m really quite shy… and well… quite possibly it would shatter every one of my dreams.

Anyway… a few weeks ago my car was rifled through and none of my wonderful CD’s were stolen… which is rather insulting if you think about it even if I did buy most of my collection in the ’90s!  Seeing that I’m totally out of touch with music I thought I’d go looking for a new female artist (and while I admit I love Jill Barber coming through my living room speakers on a Sunday morning, I just can’t belt out her songs the way I’d like to!)

That’s when I found Adele.  Hitting the music scene in the UK in 2008 she just released her second album 21 (her age… first album was 19) and I’ve totally missed out!  Where the hell have I been (besides in my car singing 90’s music)?

I can’t quite get past these first two songs to even think about adding a third to my repertoire but I’m hoping my eldest will get me the CD for Mother’s Day on Sunday and I’ll see what I can do (in case she’s wondering it’s $12.99 at Chapters).  I know, I know you can download music these days but then the problem is you don’t have the lyrics and there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch listening to a fabulous album while reading the liner notes.  If I don’t get it on Sunday, I’m buying it myself and eventually I’ll listen to a third song  but for the moment, I keep replaying these two and OH MY GOD I SOUND AMAZING!

Enjoy.  (Apologies in advance to my advertisers as for some crazy reason I’m not able to adjust the size of these videos like I normally can but I’m thinking it’s because Adele is just so amazing no one wants to watch her in miniature so we’ll just have to go with the big graphic.  Oh… everyone click on my advertisers even though Adele is temporarily pushing into their space!!!)

OK… so first… there’s “Rolling in the Deep” that we’ve been hearing on the radio but ever since I’ve seen the video it makes me wonder how long it took to fill all those glasses of water.  Also, I question how annoyed my mother would be if I suddenly started chucking all of her old china she gave to me just the other day.  I love that china… been asking for those yellow dishes since I was ten years old and I’m totally thrilled that Mom gave them to me… but chucking them at a wall right now with that pounding beat in the background would be absolutely, freakin’ amazing!!

Second… “Someone Like You” which is polar opposite to “Rolling in the Deep” where this beautiful singer sounded so sure of herself about moving on.  There’s an official video taken of Adele at home where she explains the meaning behind the song as she’s puffing on a cigarette in a fabulous black top I’d like to own but I kind of like this live version of her in her pretty brown dress and the longest, most wonderful fake lashes I’ve ever seen.  Not to mention the look on her face and the movement of her hands as she’s singing about that lost love everyone has had and can’t quite let go of… yet.

I can’t wait to get my CD, read the liner notes, learn the words and hit the road for an extended drive!!!

Seriously… I”m that good!

3 Replies to “Adele…”

  1. You need to listen to Turning Tables. That is the current one I play over and over again 🙂


  2. Hey this is Paul L from the Lower Deck. Did you get your Adele cd for Mother's Day? I really liked this blog. I liked your description while listening to the songs. Very familiar feeling for me! 🙂
    Keep up the great work

  3. @Paul… Ahhhhh…. You're such a Lamb for leaving a comment! Yes, I did get my Adele CD and it's pretty freakin' amazing! I could describe every song with a story of my past or future! Saw you for a minute Friday night as I was heading upstairs for a private function with Dwight Deon… fabulous musician! I'll be around on the weekend… keep up the good work yourself!