Sweating the small stuff…

Ever have one of those weekends so jam packed that Monday arrives and you’re torn between wanting it to continue and fighting the urge to crawl back to bed?

It doesn’t help that I had a crappy sleep… waking in the middle of the night in full “night sweats” and the realization that I was suddenly in the throws of menopause… terrified of the timing as my youngest is entering the pre-teen hissy fits of “nothing fits”, “this looks ugly” and “I hate these pants”.  Her outbursts simply don’t fit with my need for a knock down, drag out, menopausal hissy fit of my own.  Seriously… two of us in one household going through growing pains is one too many!

I was drenched… soaking, slippery, sweaty, throwing the bed clothes aside and wide awake in total fear of the emotional roller coaster I was about to endure when my youngest arrived at my side with her bunny and bear… crawling into bed with the announcement of “I had a nightmare” then promptly cuddling into my overheated body… quickly falling back to sleep.

My life has been taken over by a demon!

I tossed and turned for the rest of the night… my head spinning with thoughts of “too soon”, “dammit” and “how the hell am I ever gonna get a man now” when morning arrived.  I rolled over, woke my youngest for school then dragged my groggy, sorry self out of bed noticing on the way out of my room that the thermostat had accidentally been turned to warp nine… highest it could go!!

Panic averted… for now.

Apparently there’s still time to find a man before night sweats arrive but barely enough before my youngest drives him away with her mood swings.

Here’s hoping for a better sleep tonight just as soon as we head to the mall on a shopping spree… the girl needs new pants… for both our sakes.

3 Replies to “Sweating the small stuff…”

  1. HAHAHA…I am in the same boat except, I also have pre-teen PMS thrown into the lot waaayyyy too soon! Hang in there my Queen 🙂


  2. I can only assume it's horrific! But luckily for me… it's not menopause but an accidental rise in the room's temperature that was the issue! I'm hoping I'm at least ten years away… and if I'm still writing a blog… I'll let you know!