Out with the old….

When I prayed for this drought to end… this is not what I meant!

We’re on day 22 of rain in Halifax and moss is beginning to grow behind my knees… not to mention my lawn.  I’m popping Advil like candy coated chocolate just to stay ahead of the joint discomfort as I’m pretty sure arthritis has settled into these damn hips of mine.

Someone put on facebook the other day “Rain is the new Sunshine”.  Really?  Here’s the thing… these sayings are meant to make the new thing replace the old thing and the new thing is supposed to be better than the old thing.  You know… like “Pale is the new Tan”.  We’ve finally accepted that people can display their pasty white skin instead of bathing in the cancer causing sun or tanning beds or worse… turn their skin various shades of streaky orange from self tanners.  Pale is “in”… and this is a good thing.  Rain… not so much.

A few years back, Thursday’s were a bit of a night around here and the term “Thursday is the new Friday” became part of our weekly conversation. I think it was the beginning of everything going dreadfully wrong as before long the sayings became more and more saracstic as, “Pink was the new Black”, “Orange was the new Pink”, “Detox was the new Diet”, “Flip Flops were the new Sneakers”, “Play was the new Work”, “Forty was the new Thirty”, “Fake was the new Real”, “Wine was the new Beer” and “Cul de Sac was the new Trailer Park”.   It’s possible we took it to extremes as it eventually all ended when “Married was the new Single!”.

Seriously people… it’s time for these clouds to part and the sun to move in so we can all enjoy a bit of Spring.  I don’t know about you but I’m really starting to lose my mind.  Then again…. you know the saying… “Crazy is the new Normal”.