Fairy tales do come true…

How awesome is this? I got a kick when I saw Beatrice and Eugenie at the wedding and commented how they looked just like Anastasia and Drizella but I never actually went to the book to see how much! Now I’m in a fit of giggles and greatly enjoying the fact that someone took the time to add it all up.

For those of you who couldn’t understand the wedding… the hype and excitement of grown women playing dress up and hosting teas… young girls charmed by the event… then maybe this photo will help to explain the feeling. The thing is, many of us grew up with the dream that we’d marry our prince one day. Be princesses of a kingdom. Ride in a carriage. Glass slippers, fat mice, tiny birds tying the ribbons on our beautiful gowns… pumpkins and fairy god mothers.

Kate and Wills made all of our dreams come true. It was a real life fairy tale witnessed by all.  

I’ve read how the Disney princesses are a bad influence on young girls… how they’re whiny wusses who spend their time either in comas or cleaning while awaiting someone to save them with a single kiss.  Damsels in distress.  I understand that we need to teach our little girls that meeting the man of their dreams isn’t what’s important in this world and no one can give you your “happily ever after” except yourself. But is there anything wrong with wanting it all? As much as we try to steer our little girls in one direction… still they have a fierce love of pink and purple, tiaras and sparkles and anything tulle! Just like little boys will turn anything into a gun just so they can play a game of “cops and robbers”… even if you have a total ban of guns in your home as I did… then watched my son turn his Bob the Builder hammer into a lethal weapon.

I was glued to my television… thrilled by the excitement beginning with the car ride to Westminster and ending with the kiss on the balcony.  I believe it’s up to me to find my happiness but I still dream of the fairy tale ending with the fabulous prince and a happily ever after of my own.

Just like I did, when I was a little girl.