Straight from the can…

Seems a fellow in Truro is sick of Tuna sandwiches and placed an advertisement on Kijiji (click on the link to read the entire ad) that states…

“I have a pre-cut Tuna sandwich I want to offer up for a trade. The tuna is fresh, layered in mayonnaise, topped with lettuce and a tomato. The bread is 100% whole wheat and still has three days left before reaching its best before date.”

He goes on to talk about the included orange which one can only assume was put into his lunch to ward off scurvy.

“An orange is included (South African in origin). The skin feels like it will peel very easily and the orange will be soft and juicy. No pits. You might be able to do it all in one peel if your lucky.”

Ummm… I think he meant “you’re”.  Just as a bit of advice… he might want to correct his grammar if he’s planning on placing any on-line ads in the future!

The advertisement continues to discuss how he’s had seven straight tuna sandwiches in a row so he can only assume, based on the ones he had before, that surely number eight would taste just as wonderful!

He finishes his ad by stating…

“If my wife is reading this – please stop making tuna sandwiches for lunch. I’m off to McDonald’s.”

OK funny guy I have to admit I laughed… out loud… and chances are the 498 people that read it before me laughed as well.  I also understand that the McLobster is back causing folks to rush to Rotten Ronnie’s for the tasty sandwich so one can’t really blame you as there really are plenty of fish in the sea… and really, what’s the harm in trying them all?  However, from someone who did a crap load of stuff for an ex who didn’t seem to appreciate it… Mr. I’ve-Had-Enough-of-Tuna-Sandwiches I have one bit of advice for you… MAKE YOUR OWN FREAKIN’ LUNCH!

Better yet… tell your wife YOU’LL make the lunches for awhile and thrill HER with an exciting new sandwich!  Throw a little fun and excitement her way and I guarantee it’ll come back ten-fold.  You never know, maybe she’ll be interested in spicing things up for you as well… she might add a little salsa to the tuna… maybe a little Dijon in the mayo… hell, she might even sprinkle in a little hot sauce!  Before you go complaining, ruining a perfectly good thing, offering up your same-ol’-same-ol’ to someone else…. why don’t you take a good hard look at what it is YOU can do to make things better!  For both your sakes.

The thing is… if you give up that perfectly good tuna sandwich for something like say… ham… in time you’ll be wishing you’d tried a little harder, done things a little different, made things right so you could have that tuna sandwich once again!  Seriously… is it really that bad?

Worse yet, if you give up that tuna for something you think is a little more excting, there’s a really good chance you’ll end up losing half your bread!  You gotta admit, that plain ol’ tuna suddenly looks pretty spectacular!

Enjoy your lunch and if it’s not everything you’re hoping for… see what it is you can do to make it better before you go offering it up to someone else!  There’s a lot to be said for a good Tuna Sandwich!

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