My swell birthday…

With the exception of one tiny glitch…which actually did a pretty good job putting a damper on my day…I had a fabulous birthday.

The morning started with my “Birthday Basket”…a tradition between half a dozen friends on the street who put together a basket of treats to greet you on your doorstep first thing in the morning. It really is a glorious way to start your birthday and my basket was filled with items perfectly suited to me…reminding me of one more reason why I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Well…until the kids are grown! After that you’ll find me relaxing at my quaint little house on the lake with my beautiful wrap around deck!

My morning started with the basket then continued with love and presents from the kids followed by Prada, Gib and Crazy arriving for coffee and more presents. My brother surprised me by mowing my lawn only to be slightly outdone by my favorite DJ, Rock with Bruce, showing up with a case of corona! My folks cooked an awesome feed of lobster and my mother-in-law swung by on her way through town to mix up my favorite potato salad!! The day couldn’t have been more enjoyable.

Well…it could have been…but for that one little glitch.

The other night I was sitting on Prada’s deck filling her in on the weekend’s drama and excitement when a tiny black fly bit me on the top of my wrist.  Every now and then I have a reaction to the little beasts and by night, my arm had swollen to twice its size! When I awoke yesterday morning, my wrist and arm were reminiscent of a Stretch Armstrong doll and the pain was unbelievable. One itty bitty fly can seriously cause some major discomfort! The swelling made my fingers and wrist feel horribly tight, my arm was red hot and by midday the swelling was sneaking up to my elbow. It was so bad I could push in on my skin with all five fingers…and the shape of my fingers would stay indented into my arm!  By last evening, just in time for chocolate cake, I could hardly hold the aggravation in, popping alergy pills and Tylenol to help with the discomfort before finally throwing in the towel and heading to bed.

This morning there’s no basket on my front steps, no case of corona, no girlfriends for coffee, presents or lobster…but the swelling is greatly decreased, the pain isn’t as bad as yesterday and there’s leftover chocolate cake and potato salad in the fridge!!

I love my neighbourhood, my house and the people who pass through my doors making each day, whether it’s my birthday or not, a fabulous one.  It’s the perfect place to be.  The perfect place to raise my children and spend my days but eventually I’m moving it all to a quaint little house on the lake with a wrap around deck perfect for placing “Birthday Baskets” and surprise cases of corona… complete with a screen to keep out the pests!

Come to think of it… I might get a bug zapper too!

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  1. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day! Love the idea of a "birthday basket" Happy Belated:)