Why I’m wonderful…

This morning, Spiderman wrapped his arms around me and told me I was the best mom in the entire world.  He sang made up songs with silly words expressing how fabulous I was… the best thing to ever happen in his life… how beautiful, special, sweet and kind… how awesomely terrific!

He was having a flash of pure love and affection for me… and I relished the moment.

It’s possible his burst of adoration was due to the fact I told him his father and I had discussed it and the time had come to get him a cell phone… however, I prefer to believe it’s because I am indeed the most awesome mom in the entire world!

I held out as long as I could… I swear!  He hounded and harassed for two straight years as one friend then the next got their phones… some for “grading”, birthday gifts, entering Junior High or “just because”.  He begged and pleaded giving me every possible reason why he needed one… pulling at my heartstrings about his need to communicate and his horrifically strict parents!  Not a day went by that I didn’t hear “If I had a phone…” followed by everything imaginable.  He showed me multiple plans and wouldn’t allow me to pass a cell store without stopping in.  He’d done his research, knew the facts and told me time and again how he had the money… if only I’d let him have the phone!

In the end, he was indeed the very last of his friends to get one and oddly enough it became my Badge of Honor to be the meanest, strictest, most horrible mom of all his friends.

Until this morning… when he took it all back.

And told me how wonderful I was.