Growing up stinks…

My house smells like the front entrance of a Department Store!

Last night, to his delight, Spiderman received three bottles of cologne and a mirrored tray to display them on.  “Which one do you like best?” I heard repeatedly throughout the evening as one after the next was sprayed into the air… leaving the taste of cologne on my tongue and a dog unwilling to sleep in his boy’s room.

Good Lord what’s happened?  In the blink of an eye he’s grown into this ginormous being that I’ve no idea what I’m supposed to do with.

Time to wake up” I said this morning on entering his room, kicking aside a few items of laundry, then promptly turning to leave.  “Wait! I need a hug” he said.

Most mornings I’m greeted with some sort of a interesting comment as I awake him from slumber!  I’ve heard everything from “just let me finish this power play” to “woah… I just dreamt I was a ballerina!”  It’s apparent he does his best dreaming just before seven am!

I turned to come back as he followed up with “where’s the dog?”

She slept in your sister’s room” I said as I sat on the edge of his bed wrapping my arms around him in a loving embrace as he pulled away from me with a “What are you doing? I wanted to hug the dog!”… followed quickly by a huge grin and a “Just kidding Mom… but you gotta admit that was pretty funny!”

No it wasn’t and for the record you smell!” was the best answer I could conjure up at that particular hour as he quickly knocked it back down with a “Good thing I’ve got that new cologne then isn’t it!”

And so we begin another day!

I’ve grown a sarcastic, funny, horrible, loving, sweet boy who in less than 12 hours, has stunk up my house like the front entrance of a Department Store constantly sprayed by various colognes.

What am I in for next!

One Reply to “Growing up stinks…”

  1. It's really best if no one tells you ahead of time and you just find out on your own…SURPRISE 🙂 …Michele