What a riot…

Last nights’ game was a riot!

Spiderman, Bones and I gathered around the big screen in our Jammie’s… a tray of Nachos piled high in front of us!  My discovery that I forgot to buy beer was a bit of a disappointment, but no where near the disappointment of the Canucks’ fans as the first puck was buried in their net!

While Bones hit the sack after the first period, Spiderman and I watched ’til the end.  Me pulling a “you have school in the morning and I’m not sure you should be up so late” and his “Mom, I’ve gotta watch Chara hoist the cup.  Do you realize how important this is?”

I gave in.  I needed little convincing. 

In the end… he had me in stitches… he truly was a riot as he jumped from the couch and got into the “team hug” by wrapping his arms around the television as the players smothered Tim Thomas in their “holy crap we did it” embrace.  Moments later, Spiderman placed his hands on the screen, under the coveted cup, as Chara hoisted it into the air… both with huge smiles on their faces.

“Someday I’ll wear a Stanley Cup ring” he mater-of-factly stated at one point during the game followed by a “Marchand’s a lot like me. We both have a wicked shot!” 

Hockey fans… they’re a riot.  Revellers taking over a city, getting drunk and disorderly, embarrassing themselves and the beautiful city they live in, breaking windows, destroying property, causing fear, flipping and torching cars, looting stores and wreaking havoc in the name of the sport… Not so much.