Midway through the day yesterday, in the crowd of parents and kids playing street hockey for the annual Play On Tournament… my Dad arrived.

He always does.

Whether it’s a drive downtown, attending a game, a run to the garage or any number of the many requests I throw his way… my Dad obliges.  For as long as I can remember he’s done what I asked.  Years back, pregnant with The Tall Blond, it wasn’t once but at least twenty times I sent him out, late into the night, for ice cream!

Dad never questions, never complains, never argues…  he just does it… because I ask.  In asking… he’s needed… and for him, there really isn’t a reason not to be there.

For always backing me up… for letting me rummage through your pockets in search of spare change… for showing up at my children’s hockey games, dance recitals, school concerts… for showing them what it means to be an amazing man… for fixing things I break and for having the best Toolbox in the entire world… for stepping in when I can’t be two places at once… for letting me wrap you around my finger… for expecting more from me.

For always being there, no questions asked… still… after all these years.  I love you.

Happy Father’s Day… Dad.

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